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8 Oct

Traveling With Friends

It is said that a journey is measured in friends, rather than miles. However, I am lucky enough to travel with my friends and experience new cultures and landmarks with them by my side. Being in Paris for fashion week is always thrilling and it was even more fun with my friends there. I went to an array of different restaurants, museums, and shows (I’ve actually seen more beautiful clothes in the past week than I have in the past year). New York is said it be the fashion capital of the world, yet the fashion in Paris is mesmerizing. The landscape of each of the shows heightens the beauty of the clothes. However, the Chanel show was unlike any other. Karl Lagerfield has had is show in the Grand Palais for the past several seasons, but this was unlike the others.When my friends and I entered the venue we couldn’t believe our eyes: 30-ft high waterfalls were all around the stage and the models would each walk out of caves that were stemming from the waterfalls. The show was a true spectacle. I looked over at my friends and when I saw them enjoying the show as much as I was, my experience was even greater. Great friends and high fashion mixed together is beyond the enjoyment of fashion week. When I get back to New York I’m as excited to walk down the streets of New York with my friends as I was in Paris; however, the one thing I’ll miss the most is the macaroons. Fashion is a passion of mine, however friends are indispensable and I am so lucky to have them.



Traveling with friends