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24 Dec

Heaven or Hell? THE TRUTH about St Barth’s medicine!

Heaven or Hell? THE TRUTH about St Barth's medicine!

Dear Reader,

Have you ever had the experience of when expected Heaven becomes THE Hell? Here I will reveal the truth about St. Barth’s level of medicine and narrate the story of my Christmas pain. News from the hospital.

Even more to say, at this moment I am still going through it and I am deeply thankful to my family and friends for all the support, care, and love that I am receiving during this difficult time. St Barths is one of my favorite family holiday destinations. For more than 10 years this heaven-like nature, amazing beaches with crystal blue-green water and outstanding amenities brought a lot of positive memories into my life journey. As well as I never thought that one day that place will have dark shades and change my perception completely. I have never faced health-related issues here. However, as we say, there is always the first time) and it usually comes unexpectedly.

In an exclusive place like St. Barth you would expect high-quality service to be performed by the professionals and you have an absolute belief about that. Nevertheless, the reality differs from your perception and expectations ones faced and here is my story. I came to St. Barth 10 days ago for the Christmas family reunion. Due to my travel and busy mother lifestyle, I felt a little back pain and I have planned to relax, do spa treatments, visit osteopath and fix the small back pain that I recently started to feel. So I have asked my friends and local people to recommend a good specialist. I had no particular criteria about gender, age, experience, just wished to have a professional, who knows his/her job and will help me to eliminate the back pain. Moreover, this was a simple usual procedure that had no evidence of turning into anything serious.

Unfortunately, the osteopath that was initially recommended to me was unavailable and at the center located at 6 rue de la république at St. Barth, a friendly receptionist referred me another ‘professional’ – Stéphanie GRÉVIN. So on the day of the appointment, I met with Stephanie and had a neck and back treatment, during the session I felt a little occurred at some point, but I have trusted the professional and psychologically felt relief after the massage. Most likely, the “placebo” effect took place, since the next day I felt extreme pain in my upper left part of the body and neck resulted in unableness to move. So I was forced to go to the emergency room in the local hospital, where I had to stay for 2 days. St. Barth’s hospital has no MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging) device and the Emergency Department is literally ’empty’. There are nearly no special machines or/and necessary equipment and the only thing they have prescribed to me is the painkillers! Local doctors could not figure out for 2 days what is wrong with me. They did a scan of my lungs since they have suspected that I might have pneumonia and took a blood test. The pain remained at the same level and the treatment was useless, the doctors were unable to state the diagnosis. In addition, I have not been able to move or eat for a week at that point. Nevertheless, I am thankful to God for sending the right people at the right time and that is Virginie Arnaise. She managed to stop the paralyzation process and partially recovered my body in 2 sessions by the acupuncture method. That helped me to move and I was able to take a flight and get to New York City to see my doctor just on time.

In New York, several doctors expected my back and came to the conclusion that the osteopath did the wrong manipulations while cracking my neck, she has blocked the entire nerve on the left side and caused its inflammation. So the left part of my body got injured and I could not even lift my hand up. I have texted Stéphanie GRÉVIN on the 1st day of my hospital stay at St. Barths, telling that I am in the hospital after her treatment and received no answer in return. Stéphanie GRÉVIN appeared recently after a week of silence. She heard that I am planning to file a claim against her practice due to my condition. Instead of apologizing, she presented her as a ‘saver’, who had relieved me from the pain and she tried to blame me that I have not contacted her, although I have left several messages regarding my health conditions and indicated that I am in the hospital. She also pointed out that I am taking Russian pills that have little correlation to the fact that while cracking my neck she has deformed the disk (see the photo below) between S6-S7. That caused the block of the whole left upper body part, extreme pain and as a result, I have to take steroids now. Please see the photo of my MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging) below. According to the trusted American doctor, the head should not be touched at all, as well as the patient history must be studied and analyzed before the decision of treatment.

This visit to the ‘professional’ has ruined the whole plan of my vocations, cost me a fortune and completely destroyed my Christmas mood! Dear all, please be careful before going to St. Barth, check your health and if you happen to be in the same situation – DO NOT GO to 6 rue de la république, Stéphanie GRÉVIN – OSTEOPATH. Since her professional level is below average and it may happen again. In case you are sick – think twice before coming to St. Barth and if you are here take care of yourself and the health of your loved ones by going to only those professionals who are recommended directly to you, avoid recommendations of someone you do not know.

I would never wish anyone to spend their Holidays in bed as I do. So, BE INFORMED, BE ALERT, BE HEALTHY, BE HAPPY and BE YOU in 2020!

Here is her contact information of a trusted specialist, who helped me to recover:
Virginie Arnaise, Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Energetic massage, Gustavia Harbour, St. Barth, [email protected], +590 690 57 70 49.

Thanks for reading me


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