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Traveling With Friends

It is said that a journey is measured in friends, rather than miles. However, I am lucky enough to travel with my friends and experience new cultures and landmarks with them by my side. Being in Paris for fashion week is always thrilling and it was even more fun with my friends there. I went to an array of different restaurants, museums, and shows (I’ve actually seen more beautiful clothes in the past week than I have in the past year). New York is said it be the fashion capital of the world, yet the fashion in Paris is mesmerizing. The landscape of each of the shows heightens the beauty of the clothes. However, the Chanel show was unlike any other. Karl Lagerfield has had is show in the Grand Palais for the past several seasons, but this was unlike the others.When my friends and I entered the venue we couldn’t believe our eyes: 30-ft high waterfalls were all around the stage and the models would each walk out of caves that were stemming from the waterfalls. The show was a true spectacle. I looked over at my friends and when I saw them enjoying the show as much as I was, my experience was even greater. Great friends and high fashion mixed together is beyond the enjoyment of fashion week. When I get back to New York I’m as excited to walk down the streets of New York with my friends as I was in Paris; however, the one thing I’ll miss the most is the macaroons. Fashion is a passion of mine, however friends are indispensable and I am so lucky to have them.



Traveling with friends

how to take fashion pictures

The true beauty and workmanship of a garment is very hard to show on pictures. Therefore, the way you pose and how the light hits the outfits is crucial in reflecting how the clothes looks in real life. While looking through my pictures you’ll see that I very rarely stand in a cold stance and look directly at the camera. In fact, many times I am walking, and the movement of my steps affect the appearance of the clothing. Other times, I am looking down at the ground and my face is away from the camera. This shows the delicacy of the details on the clothes and the pleats on the dress (for instance) shows how the dress truly fits, rather than looking at the fit on a model or mannequin.
I also think that the background of the image impacts how the clothing looks. For instance, bright backgrounds such as the park or the sunny beach have a different affect than grey concrete streets. For all outfits that you post online I would recommend making sure that the background of the picture compliments the outfit. For instance, a beach cover up on the streets of New York doesn’t jive, so why do it? When focusing on the actual outfit, rather than were you are wearing it, I would suggest having a simple background rather than something with many details.
When the background is overwhelming it takes away from the clothing itself. As I’ve been developing my blog I’ve learned more and more about how clothing looks online and how it often doesn’t look the same in person. Therefore, I try to show the clothing in motion and in scenarios that it would likely to be worn. The natural light only enhances an already beautiful piece of clothing, so if you’re starting with some exquisite all you can do is go up from there.

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Caution: Fashion Blogger Crossing

Street style is as important as dressing for a gala. Your day-to-day outfits reflect the kind of person you are and how you present yourself through the clothes you wear. For today’s outfit I decided to pair skinny fray grey jeans with a white loose t-shirt and accessorize it with several pops of color. A basic grey and white base is the perfect canvas for any outfit—especially when you are planning to wear bright colors to accent certain articles of clothing. My bright red Saint Laurent coat elevated the look from simple to fashion- forward. I wore my hair pulled back behind my ears to highlight the black velvet lapel design on the jacket and I accessorized with low-heel bow booties by one of my favorite new brands: N21. The stylish chunky silhouette is perfect for running errands during the day and can also be dressed up for a night filled with dancing.
I paired this outfit with one of my favorite bags: the Gucci Dionysus Supreme embroidered bag. The eclectic mix of crimson, emerald, light blue and pink lightening bolts are beautifully balanced by the classic Gucci-print beige and brown canvas. The red-embroidered appliqués detailed lip perfectly highlighted my Saint Laurent trench, and brought the outfit full circle. Gucci’s most recent rebranding has brought the brand back to the top and I could not be more excited to pull out some of the vintage pieces I have and be able to mix it with Alessandro Michele’s contemporary designs.
This outfit is a perfect mix of style, comfort, and creativity. When picking your outfit for the day, don’t forget to bring some color to the otherwise grey streets of New York!

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