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26 Nov


Kanye West is a self-proclaimed revolutionary and honestly, I agree with him. His music broke the barrier between rap and hip hop and his style changed our idea of athletic clothes, changing it to athleisure. Now, wearing sneakers is not only acceptable it’s fashionable. However, stylish sneakers aren’t your beaten up New Balances, they are Yeezys. The Yeezy collaboration with Adidas started in 2015 and has since become a go-to sneaker for women and men alike. It is rare that a sneaker can be liked and worn by both sexes, but the Yeezy sneakers are. The “Yeezy Boost 750” is a simple and sleek sneaker with soft fabric and an elongated, curved nose. It’s one of the most comfortable shoes I’ve tried on and I wear it at the gym and down the street. Since its release in 2015 the Yeezy Boost has come out in different colors that are re-named each season with a different number, such as the “Yeezy Boose 350” that’s a light grey color.

The Yeezy brand has changed from just a sneaker brand, to making boots and clothes. Kanye’s first full collection got mixed reviews after being showcased at NYC fashion week. The collection stuck to nude tones, with a few pieces in darker colors such as olive green and grey. Although some said it was repetitive with the same use of colors and the constant design of holes and rips, it was announced to be one of the most ground-breaking collections of the season. Unlike most designers, it used a multitude of models, including the largest number of black models in any other fashion show.
The Yeezy collection has turned Kanye West from a rapper/singer, to a designer that created one of the most popular shoes in the last decade. He is now an artist in more way than one.

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