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10 Jul

Magnifica by Bulgari in Milan

Magnifica by Bulgari in Milan

Magnificent and awaited high couture experience took place in Italy at the beginning of this June. It has been shortly over a year after the worldwide pandemic hit. Surprisingly, Italy was one of the first to be severely affected by COVID-19, and seeing its recovery is truly magic. Milan the city of fashion and haute couture was chosen to be the place for the two days presentation event of a new Bulgari’s High Jewelry collection “Magnifica”. The beauty reflection in astonishing gems, infinite creativity, and exceptional craftsmanship was incredible. I felt that Milan was awakening together with the Bvlgari’s Magnifica Collection presentation. This time the “vibe” from the fashion influences, very important personas, and just the people around were welcoming, warming, and full of hope.

Magnifica, the latest High Jewelry line from the Roman jeweler, is an expression of beauty and craftsmanship that highlights the jeweler’s unwavering devotion to grandeur as the driving force and ultimate objective of all its activities. Bulgari’s new Magnifica 2021 High Jewellery and High-End Watches collection includes 350 pieces of art, 4 secret watches, and 122 new creations. I believe, this to be the brand’s best high jewelry collection to date. Bulgari’s Product Creation Executive Director Fabrizio Buonamassa Stigliani handled the new collection of watches: Celestial Sky, Diamond Swan, Baroque Spiral, and the most expensive and finest of them all, Ruby Metamorphosis, which is encapsulated in one word – magnificence.

Magnifica, the line from the Roman jeweler, is an expression of beauty and craftsmanship that highlights the jeweler’s unwavering devotion to grandeur as the driving force and ultimate objective of all its activities. Each piece of jewelry is an art, that looks like perfection and has the highest quality gems.  Palazzo Barberini set new standards for beauty with its stunning architecture and enormous frescos. The gorgeous Blue Fantasy High Jewelry necklace, which is one of my favorites, was inspired by the majestic Roman landmark, which is a true manifestation of Baroque artistry. The jewel’s opulent design and exquisite gemstones summon large festoons, epic stuccos, painted statues, and outstanding embellishments — touchable representations of Bvlgari’s “Mai troppo” creative approach.

The event itself:

Bulgari’s two-day event in Milan unveiled the brand’s high jewelry line was designed to be a statement of hope and a fresh start for the city, which had been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, a dearth of international visitors, and harsh restrictions in the previous year. The atmosphere was certainly joyful, as chief executive officer Jean-Christophe Babin encouraged people to finally take in a live performance. Bulgari had scheduled a concert at La Scala the night before, followed by a meal at Cracco.

The event was well organized and I had wonderful welcoming presents from Bvlgari that were truly pleasant. The main presentation took place in Bvlgari Hotel Milano and was a diverse mixture of art, classical and modern music. Bvlgari’s garden was blooming with diverse flowers and fashion personas. For instance,  Lily Aldridge, a longstanding Bulgari ambassador, was joyfully reacting to an emotional tribute to the late Ennio Morricone by Andrea Bocelli’s Teatro del Silenzio orchestra, conducted by the young Beatrice Venezi. The modest tables seating four people at a time were spread out in the garden of the Bulgari Hotel, shielded by a tent and transformed by a wealth of floral arrangements, on one of the city’s first warm days so far. However, according to Babin, Bulgari planned to gift the flowers to the city of Bergamo, which was one of the hardest hit by the pandemic, following the celebration.

Babin honored the Bulgari Hotel and three-Michelin-star chef Niko Romito, who served creamed codfish, veggie lasagne, and steamed seabass as part of a meal. After a halt in construction owing to the pandemic, the Bulgari Hotel in Paris is slated to open in September, while the one in Rome is set to open in October 2022, according to the CEO. Additional locations will open in Moscow in the fourth quarter of 2022, Tokyo in the first quarter of 2023, and Miami the following year. “Despite the health situation, Milan’s hotel performed admirably, for example with staycations,” Babin remarked. “We installed three extra rooms and a new suite.”

Models dressed in stunning apricot and magenta gowns from the Magnifica Haute Joaillerie line walked on stage after the performance and constructed tableaux vivants beneath the trees. It was a magnificent experience, I am grateful to Bulgari for this celebration of beauty! Stay safe, believe in the best.


With love,

Yours LenLen,

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