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21 Jun

New York after pandemic

New York after pandemic

Exploring New York City in the times of Covid-19. After a painful and stressful year due to the pandemic, things are slowly getting back to normal in New York City. Below are a few things you could do when visiting NYC.  When in New York City, if you don’t visit the popular tourist destination Times Square, your trip is incomplete.

The coronavirus pandemic has altered our lives all together and changed the way we look at life. Something similar happened when the streets of New York City went empty due to the Covid-19. Some people went to the extent of declaring the once busy city almost dead. However, after a painful and stressful year, things are gradually getting back to normal in NYC.

Though the rush hour is sort of back and open spaces are bustling with people, the new, NYC looks a little different, and rightfully so. Numerous families were forced to move out of New York when the lockdown was imposed, but there are families that are coming back. So it won’t be wrong to say that it is a calmer New York, and if you want to visit the city, now is the time to do so. Listed below are a few things you could do in NYC. Remember to follow the safety guidelines even if you’re vaccinated.

Times Square

If you don’t visit Times Square when in New York City, well your trip is incomplete. The popular tourist destination has several billboards lining the busy square. Before the coronavirus pandemic, many street performers would entertain the visitors with their enchanting performances. Though things are not the same and you won’t see many people swarming the Times Square when in New York it is indeed amongst the best places to visit.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

If you have an obsession with art, make sure to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which is more popularly known as The Met. Having over 2 million artifacts, The Met is the largest art museum in the USA. You will definitely be fascinated with the incredible collection of modern American art, classic artwork, and sculptures by famous European artists. This is not all! The museum has a collection of costumes, musical instruments, armors, and weapons from around the globe.

The Brooklyn Bridge

This iconic landmark is one of the most famous tourist destinations in NYC. While it is usually full of people, during the Covid-19 times you can enjoy the amazing view while crossing the Brooklyn Bridge. When coming back you will witness gorgeous views and a stunning skyline. Keep your camera handy and capture them all.

A Cruise on the Staten Island Ferry

You don’t want to miss out on this. Make sure to hop on the Staten Island Ferry and get mesmerized by the incredible views that come your way. What’s great is that you will get to see Manhattan’s magnificent skyline, the New York Harbor, and the Statue of Liberty, all for free. You can go at any time you like because they operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The 25-minute ride will be worth it.

With life getting back to normal, chances are that the holiday season might see a return of tourists, restaurants opening their doors once again, and much more. If you have made up your mind to make a trip to New York City, don’t waste time and get going. Happy traveling.

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