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London in bloom: RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2019 highlights

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The last month of the spring is cherished and awaited for many due to several reasons. May is rich in the color spectrum, loved for comfortable and warm temperature, short nights and long days, and blooming flowers, trees and plants. That combination awakens and inspires us for multiple outdoor activities, nature exploration, gardening, and other scenery related doings. Moreover, if you are in London at this moment or deciding where to travel next week, I would highly suggest coming to Chelsea, West London, for the next week May 21st – May 25th. I believe, it is one of the world’s beautiful places, indeed, to be at with the family, friends or/and alone. Chelsea is looking prettier than ever right now. Other than visiting the world’s leading horticultural event, the Chelsea Flower Show, you should definitely take time to tour Chelsea and its surrounding areas for more floral delights.

Formally known as the ‘Great Spring Show’or also known as Chelsea in Bloom held since 1912 for 5 days in May- it is a garden show that is produced by Cadogan in association with the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), and sees breathtaking floral displays from retailers, restaurants and hotels throughout the duration of the Chelsea Flower Show. Today, it is definitely the most famous flower and landscape gardens show in the United States and, perhaps, in the world).

This year, the Chelsea Flower Show is in great demand! Mostly all tickets have been sold in advance. This is due to the gigantic preparation and involvement of Kate Middleton in garden design debut. Although, the world’s most prestigious flower show was always supported by the Royal family and Queen Elizabeth the II is the key guest of all the shows. This year the new offspring of the royal family as Duchess of Cambridge and co-designers’- landscape architects Andrée Davies and Adam White of Davies White will unveil their cooperation of highly-anticipated garden. The idea of the design was inspired by Duchess childhood memories and triggered by the natural world. The purpose of designing and building the garden was ‘to highlight how being active in nature can positively impact our physical and mental health. The garden has a natural woodland feel and contains lots of unique design features to inspire families to get outside and explore nature together. This, true and beautiful idea of unity with nature is highly supported by the UK population and I can just add that I have never seen so many people here before.

Highlights to the Chelsea Flower Show include the avant-garde show gardens designed by leading names with Floral Marquee at the centerpiece. The Show also features smaller gardens such as the Artisan and Urban Gardens. Nature is the key element and sustainability is the core value of any design. You can pick 3-5 or all the shows to see:


  • The Great Pavilion showcases thousands of immaculate plant varieties from around the world
  • David Austin Roses will unveil two new English Rose varieties at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show

For those who want to know more:

The RHS Chelsea Flower Show kicks off on Tuesday 21 May until Saturday 25 May 2019. Remember, 21-22 May is for RHS members only, whilst non-members can visit between 23-25 May. Ticket prices vary, dependent on whether you choose all day, the 3.30pm or the 5.30pm time slot

Flower Show 2019:



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My 10 days detox in Bad Ems! The best place in Europe to balance your body & spirit.

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Hoping to overcome sleep disorder, traveling stress and return to my “before” winter weight I ventured to the authentic Ayurveda medical and spa center in Germany. Maharishi Ayurveda Health Centre is located in Bad Ems. It is highly respectable and the only recognized best Ayurveda Clinic in Europe. Being “imperfect” human beings, my friend and I have decided to try a minimum of 10 days detox program.

You can get to Bad Ems either flying to Cologne or Frankfurt am Mein and from those cities, it will take you about an hour drive to get to the place. This small cozy town is very welcoming and there are elevators leading to the forest where the walking trails can be found. However, the weather was not in our favor during our stay and the temperature was pretty cold for long walks.

After we arrived in the hotel Hackers Grand Hotel Bad Ems, that has to be ordered separately, we ate at the local restaurant and the next day in the morning went for a personal appointment with the doctor. Firstly, the pulse was taken for determination of the main dosha that is responsible for all processes in the body. There are 3 types of doshas: vata, pita and kafa. They are essential for all processes in the body: assimilation, maintenance of health, formation, and disintegration of tissues, elimination of decay products, mental states, emotions: fear, anger, greed, understanding, love empathy and others. So based on our individual nature the procedures were assigned.

The core of our daily food would be vegetables. All food will be prepared on oils and each procedure started with “abyanki”. Breakfast, that I have skipped, consisted of porridge and soaked dried fruits. Before every lunch, we would get something sweet due to the belief that the brain will receive a message of glucose income and become less hungry. Mainly choice of rice and quinoa. Dinner was served usually with soups. Here we would also get a menu for the next day.  In case of hunger we were allowed to eat crisp bread.

Throughout the day we would have to drink very hot water. In addition, when prescribed by the doctor, you should be waiting at the door with a thermos for “Am Pachan” at 7 AM. Here you will be served a special cleansing drink and maybe ghee.  However, the absence of a standard waiting room for procedures caused a lot of inconveniences: only 2 chairs available and constant wind discomfort contributed to catching a cold.

As I have mentioned in the beginning, the minimum stay is 10 days. You should be prepared after the 5th day you will be given castor oil and it will become your laxative day). One day after you will be prescribed another 3 enemas. In addition, after a week (7 days) you will receive extra enemas, they call them “basti”, the first one is oily, the second is strong antitoxins and the third one is oily again. The oil will continue working for another 10 days and it is essential to keep the diet for another 2 weeks at least. That will accelerate the weight loss process. We were also given a bunch of vitamins to take as the diet supplementary.  

As a result, my friend and I lost 3 kg (about 6 pounds) each. However, I was not able to conquer my sleeping disorder, but there more still to come. Moreover, authentic Ayurveda treatments in Germany with emphasis on high-class Panchakarma-treatment was a great experience overall. Do detox, stay tuned, be happy)!

For those who want to know more:

The Maharishi Ayurveda Health Centre:

Hackers Grand Hotel Bad Ems:



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How to dress to look slimmer?

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Christmas is in the air and most of you, including me, have forgotten about their discipline and diet due to the magic vibes and sweet and merry mood! Winter is the time when body urges to keep warmth and due to the cold weather, there is no wish and consequently time of going to the gym. The fight between brain and natural instincts take place. Knowing that any woman would like to lose a few pounds/kilograms and look slimmer than now. However, there is no time for it and  I have decided to share with you the secret formula of how to look slimmer without dieting and fitness, just by choosing the right clothes!

Today, I will convey the most common mistakes that we all do when we want to look slimmer. The first is that we strongly believe that wearing black will make us look slimmer and hide extra pounds/kilograms that we have gained. The problem here is that dress in black all the time makes you look gloomy, boring and too serious.

The second mistake is to wear oversized, unisex clothes with no particular shape. You might think that the more voluminous the clothes are, the more it covers your body and therefore the slimmer you seem. However, it actually works the opposite way – a woman wearing clothes that do not fit in size loses the shape and rather looks like a piano covered by a veil).

The third mistake is avoiding experimenting and dressing only in basic and very simple things. That represents that you are afraid of everything that is fashionable and bright. I can assure you that understanding of how to match the colors and styles will help you to hide extra pounds by wearing bright clothes and accessories. I strongly believe that each woman with any type of the figure is beautiful.  Moreover, it is an art to understand and to know how to properly shape your figure.

The main rule is how to look slimmer is to remember the most important rule of all European stylists – “camouflage technique”. Using this approach means not to close yourself with black voluminous things when you are not visible in them, but to disguise what you do not like in the figure and transfer the focus to your merits.

How does this technique work? Firstly, we need to identify those parts of the body that seem to be imperfect to you. Most likely you have a long list and know the answer to this question. Contrary, we need to determine your strengths. That might seem like a more difficult task. I would suggest emphasizing on those parts of your body that seem beautiful to you. For example, this can be hair, legs, wrists, hands, legs,hips, breast, waist, etc. So, when choosing what to wear choose darker colors and shades for the voluminous parts of the body. I would suggest selecting from black, dark blue, dark brown, dark gray, etc. Contrary, on those parts of your body that are your virtues, you will put on clothes and accessories with prints and patterns of a bright color.

Basic and simple things should be a part of your silhouette and design on those parts of your body that you feel are uncomfortable with and fashionable and original clothes will highlight your merits. This way, you will avoid the look of a gray boring mouse, present your body in a winning way and be perceived as fashionable and modern woman.

For example, for those with big hips, but beautiful breast, I would recommend wearing a simple black A-line skirt and a striped top. Complete your look with a red jacket and necklace. That way you will divert attention from the hips to the top of your figure and show off a beautiful chest.

In case you have beautiful legs, but broad shoulders – wear a black long-sleeve base top and a bright and stripe midi skirt. All attention will be focused on the legs and the unusual skirt. Noone will notice the problem shoulders.

If you desire to hide your belly and you have slender legs – put on a black simple tunic-dress on unusual pants with a bright print. By covering the belly and visually making it slimmer the focus will fall on slender legs.

In cases when you do not like anything in yourself – you can make accessories as a focal point. I suggest going for the bright and fashionable accessories that will lead the eye away from your figure – an unusual scarf, original earrings, designer bracelet, bright red gloves, and shoes with laces.

Moreover, within a month I am planning to launch an online course on how to find your personal style and I will teach you how to shop properly. To know more about my Personal Shopper online Master Class follow me on Instagram #lenlenstyle or write me an e-mail: Love yourself, be happy, be Christmas!


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Personal Shopper Service for You!

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Recently on the plane from Moscow to London, I had a wonderful conversation with the young woman, who really admired my style. I started talking to her and explained how to build a base wardrobe, how to match various types of clothes to her figure and skin color. She was like a sponge saturating the water listening very attentive and writing the key concepts. In the end, I have asked her what stops her from making a change of her wardrobe and that what she has replied. “My life consists of mainly work and I really do not have time, energy, patience and courage for change. That is why I mainly stick with classic black and white clothes.” I was really disappointed and it made me think for a long time about what can I do to help and I came with the solution for those, who really desire to find their own style and do not have time, patience or just need someone to motivate them – I am happy to offer You my service as a Personal Shopper!

As a personal shopper, I will be going with you to shops. You will receive personal pieces of advice and suggestions on what and where to buy. Shopping with me is much more than just buying materialistic things we will be going for the journey of emotional and new experience of finding yourself. As a fashion lover, blogger & stylist I am really inspired to help You to find your own personal style!

My PSS (personal shopper service) has no limits and no borders! If you have a desire to make shopping in London, Paris, Tokyo, Milan, New York, Moscow or anywhere around the globe – together with me and my team we will develop a personalized route of shops, boutiques, showrooms, outlets and factories that individually meet your interests. We will base the shopping experience on the unique characteristics of yours. Such as wishes, type of figure, living conditions, character, habits, budget, things that already exist in your wardrobe will be joint with recent fashion trends. I will teach you the art of dressing up instead of blindly following the fashion.

There are 3 main reasons why you need Lennlenstyle personal shopper service (PSS): it saves time; fulfills the desire of making shopping enjoyable and comfortable, and as the result, you will look stylish and modern. Be happy, be beautiful, and be YOU!

For more information & arrangements please contact me:

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7 essential tips to keep the skin of your hands young!

Happy Sunday, Dear Readers,

Taking care after your body is an essential daily routine of any woman and man. Usually we take good care mainly after the face, neck and décolleté area. However it is essential not to forget about the hands. They are known to be the continuation of the heart and the main point of attraction and first impression. Usually one can easily judge your age and occupation by looking at the state of the hands.
For me treatment of my hands and nail are a daily and compulsory routine. As well as I regularly do manicure, professional and home spa treatments. Moreover there are some basic rules that I would like to talk about that will help to keep your hand skin looking fresh and young.
Firstly it is essential to regulate the temperature of the water once you interact with it. Make sure that it is warm and comfortable, since hot water dehydrates and cold causes the peeling of the skin. After washing your hands dry them properly before going outside. Since the rapid environment and temperature change can harm your hand skin and it can get red and/or dry.
Secondly make sure always to carry nourishing hand cream with you. I personally as you have seen from my posts like to try various innovations. I enjoy using Hand MD skincare the Daily Dual Repair. Every day in the morning and before going to sleep I use it. As well as I always have a hand cream in my bag and use it during the day, especially during the cold weather. I would recommend you to keep hand cream at home, in the bag, in the office – everywhere where you are spending a lot of the time and develop a habit of moisturizing your hands.
Thirdly, drink more water, eat healthy food and take vitamins A, C, E (please take consultation from your doctor). The vitamins act as antioxidants and prevent one of the main hand problems as the natural collagen destruction and pigment spots appearance. In summer use the sunscreen protection at least 30 SPF, as well as always have it with you and cream regularly while on the beach or outside on the sun.
In case you need to clean the house or wash the dishes always use the gloves to protect your skin from detergents and washing liquids. They contain spirits and acids that destroy and dry out the epidermis, which results in shabby skin and burrs. As well as cream/oil your hands and nails after this procedures. I often use coconut oil on my hands before going to sleep; it moisturizes my skin during the night and gives a healthy look next day.
Do not overuse the hand wash liquid, soap and/or wet wipes. It is enough of one drop to clean the hands. There is no need to rub the soap into the hands and it is important to properly wash it away. It is vital to keep acid-base balance; pH of healthy skin is between 4.5 and 5.5. Traditional soap is generally from 7-10, which is really too alkaline so make sure to use a reasonable amount.
During the cold weather always wear the gloves from natural materials. Since soft skin in cold gets red and might even crack. Synthetic fabric makes the skin sweat and results in dehydration. So when buying the gloves, make sure that your hand skin can breathe through the cloth.
The last, but not least and the most important is to make at least once a week hand spa treatment. You can do it in the salon or at home depending on your budget and/or circumstances. The process is of the same 3 stages as of treating the face: steaming, intensive cleansing and moisturizing. For example, in the bowl with warm water add 3 drops of rosemary and menthol and 1 spoon of olive oil. Put your hands inside and steam for 5-7 minutes. Peeling: mix 2 big spoons of sea salt with the drop of tea tree and 2 spoons of coconut (sunflower oil). Gently massage that mixture into your hands by starting from the wrist and moving to the finger endings. After that rinse hands with warm water. Mask: mix grated apple with 2 big spoons of olive oil, tea spoon of soft Vaseline and a drop of menthol or any other oil. Massage the mask into your hands and leave it for 10-15 minutes, rinse with warm water and cream hands to finish the procedure.
Treating your hands regularly will contribute to your health and overall look. Love yourself, take care of yourself and be young and healthy!

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Motivation or just being alive?

Drive is a great thing to achieve your objectives and goals. Doing daily activities with enthusiasm helps me to “keep walking” and enjoy an interesting and unpredictable journey of my life. I believe that we are the one who is in charge of our own life path. It is up to us to decide to be happy or sad, negative or positive, fat or slim, losing or winning, etc!  Therefore, today I would like to talk about the motivation, the importance of enthusiasm and desire to live, explore, achieve and simply live and enjoy the life. For example, I love beauty, fashion, and traveling. My motivation for those things is that I truly adore splendor. My stylish dress represents respect and gratitude for others and emphasizes the magnificence of life. Travelling opens minds and horizons by diving into different reality, cultures, and traditions helps me to get out of the box and see the life from other perspectives.

Motivation – is the process that accounts for an individual’s intensity, direction, and persistence of effort toward achieving personal and/or organizational goal. In more simple words it is the amount of effort you put forth in order to reach the aim. A direction is the density of efforts channeled towards the goals. Persistence counts the longitude of the effort. All those aspects are crucial to keep the motivation up. How many times have you promised to take care of yourself? How long have you been dreaming of losing weight? I believe that finding the motivation to change old habits and replace them with the new one takes time and should be taken care of immediately. You should know that to change of any habit requires a cycle of at least 21 days.

It is important to start from the question what do I want in life, where do I want to be in 5, 10, 20 years? I personally, map and write my short-term (objectives) and long-term plans (goals). When writing a plan, I always mark my priorities. I would recommend “shooting for the stars”! Moreover, the motive is a purely an individual thing. What gives me strength may not be working as effectively or not working at all for you.

However, it is important to know that you can change yourself at any point in your life and reach your dreams! Practically, I would recommend you now to take a piece of paper and write down your strategic goals (desires). For instance, it can be anything from losing weight, learning a different language, travel more or getting married and even going to the Moon. After that visualize each of your dreams coming true and see all the details of it. It is vital as a first step to define and visualize your wishes and desires. For example, if you want to lose weight. First of all be precise and formulate the following: I would like to lose 21 pounds in the next 6 month. Visualize trying on a new cloth, looking stunning and other people complimenting and looking at you. Think and dream about it as often as you can – several times per day.

After defining your strategic goal, the second stage would be finding the right resources people, experts, books, courses, videos, etc.  Help from anyone and/or anything that will be able to contribute to the realization of your dream. Well, the most important thing is the realization/implementation. Daily routine and discipline will help you to overcome the difficulties. “Just do it” and the regularity is the core to success when it comes to any action! Nevertheless, it is critical to enjoying the process, try not to overstress mentally and physically. I would suggest finding easy and joyful methods for you.

When reaching the goal it is important to celebrate that enormous achievement. It is essential to feel good about overcoming the obstacles, finding the solutions and following the way to the triumph! Appreciate, respect and love yourself by giving time and strongly believing that you can do it! Please remember that is it is never too late to change your life. Follow your dreams, learn from others, implement it in your life and become the best version of yourself.

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Confidence or how to be yourself?

Feeling of confidence is a fundamental factor for the formation of the personality. I believe that it is an interpersonal quality and the self-belief comes together with love and acceptance. Being true to yourself and maturity of qualities create invisible aura that the other people can feel. In fact, the beauty is mainly associated with the confidence. Majority of the men get attracted to the confident woman disregarding other features. This aspect becomes the core of the relationship in future. With the increasing role of woman in the society both men and woman are searching for a partner – confident, true, trustworthy and positive.

So, today I would like to share the main characteristics of the confident woman. They are the results of my parents knowledge combined with my personal experience. By sharing this information, I believe that you will be able to apply it daily and improve your life to the desired level. The accumulation of emotions throughout the day will affect your mood. Therefore, the most important factor is to always be cheerful, irradiate goodness and have a positive vibes. It is vital not to judge, criticize, envy, argue or feel aggravated. This is also important due to the fact that everyone, who you meet or interact with, feels your emotions and accordingly responds to it.

Knowing your emotional needs and be able to satisfy them will contribute to the level of your confidence.  That can be anything that interests you, brings you positive emotions and makes you happy. For me it is dancing and singing, travelling and driving. You should also learn to relax and let it go. It means not to worry about things in your head; thinking and over thinking again and again will not lead to any good. The only person who you can control, change and accept is you. The other people are living their lives the best they can and it is not in our hands to transform them. In order to let go I usually forgive people or let the situation go in my heart by blessing it and replacing the though with something pleasant (white rose) as well as keeping myself busy really helps too.

You should also try not to react to other peoples’ emotions. I mean if somebody is in the bad mood, shouting or being rude to you. He/she disrespects himself/herself by lacking the maturity and control over the emotions. I would recommend not respondingto those people who try to manipulate you. It is important to accept, forgive and forget easily your own and others mistakes. As well as certainly know the direction where to go and understand what kind of the relationships you want to have. The more precisely to know what you want and imagine it, the sooner and better the outcomes will be. In addition it is important to take rejections easily and not let disappointment, anxiety and frustration to your mind and/or heart. I practice absence of expectations and believe and rely on myself. Laughing and crying whenever I feel like and not suppressing the emotions helps me to balance my state of mind.  

In order to understand yourself as unique individual, it is important to know your strength and weaknesses. For those who still do not know I would recommend StrengthFinder from Don Clifton by Gallup: It is important to value and use the strong characteristics as well as to respect the weak points of your character. Find your talents and start realizing it into life, feel the harmony with your body and spirit. As well as to be aware of your limits and protect well your personal borders.

To sum up, confident person loves to be alone and easily can find what to do and attracts attention when wanted. Ability to plan, succeed, prioritize, flexibility in communication and decision making, stress resistance, curiosity, passion for studies are the main characteristics of integrity. It is also important to actively listen to others with sympathy and without taking the negative on yourself. Having your personal internal value list and certain knowledge what is right and wrong will bring success to your life. Be confident, be yourself, be happy!

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Reflection of colors in our lives or What is nonverbal communication?

We believe that we live in the world of numerous colors. In reality, the existence of only 5 basic colors produces that uncountable amount of reflections and shades in the form of spectrum. For example, the sunrise reflection on water or any kind of prism, projects in 7 colors, known as the rainbow. They are: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Today, I want to talk about the meaning of colors and how they can influence our lives. Psychological manipulation of colors may result in mood improvement and by translating the secret message to the world it also nonverbally affects other people. In addition, knowing how to skillfully choose the colors will create the desired individual image and benefit your style.

I have noticed that every color has its own power. Some colors of materials, textures, ornaments, jewelry and accessories attract attention, contradictory the others push away. I believe that various factors can influence our color perception. They are social status, age, territorial factor, individual psychological aspects, etc. The art is to select colors; I usually stick to simple rule – no more than 3 basic colors, and match everything together in order to find the perfect combination to express myself. Knowing the meaning of the colors will give you the power to manage the first impression, that believed is difficult to change and will create the desired image.

So red: is the color of blood and heart represents passion and dynamics. I chose red when I want to be noticed, in the center of attention. However the shades of the red also play an important role. When I want to get acquainted with someone and leave a positive impression on others, I chose light warm shades of red. Since saturated red can be seen as authoritariancolor that psychologically suppresses the opponent. Hot-tempered (choleric) person type loves this color. Geographically, in the majority of Asian countries itsymbolizes marriage, happiness and prosperity. It brings more importance and authority to the person, who wears it. A little touch of red will help to underline the bravery and activeness of the character. Add it to your life if you are lacking curiosity and enthusiasm.

Orange: is the color of joy happiness and it’s a known fruit. It forms the sense of prosperity and positive attitude, gives energy and increases mood. It was discovered by scientists that long visualization of orange color can be accounted as daily vitamin C doze. However this color is not recommended to use in business, exception is creative industries and related work. It represents first-draft, inspiration, uniqueness and proactive approach. Orange can also contribute to rise in appétit. In the interior it creates comfort and friendliness. This color is seen from far and that is why used in by road workers. I would recommend wearingorange if you want to increase your mood.

Yellow: as orange associated with the color of sun and joy.  Being a very bright color it always attracts others’ attention. In the rainy day it would be a great idea to wear yellow cloth since it will raise your mood and benefit others. Yellow along with orange are the sanguine features. It symbolizes intellect and light of rays. In combination with black can be a sign on danger alike the ornament of the majority of the poisonous insects. In Japan, from where I just came from, it is symbol of courage. Yellow brings changes, dynamic tendency and brings a wave of relaxation. It is also the humor sign as all emoji are yellow. Physiologically it speeds up the metabolism and it the 1st color that is absorbed by the human eyes; visually it is brighter and has more volume than white. Yellow is good for those, who are insecure in themselves. As a detail, it is believed to increase vivacity, higher the level of concentration and to improve memory. Violet and yellow colors are known to be mystical combination.

Green: visually the most comfortable color. Green takes away the fatigue and enhances the stamina. Natural power accumulation, the color of stability and wellness is usually chosen by bankers. Dark-green men suite is a sign of the conservatism, contrary the little accent on the tie gives the impression of you as persistent person.  Light-green is the symbol of youth, easiness and thoughtlessness. In Islam greenis associated with heaven, symbol of will and self-esteem. Inaddition, green helps to reduce feelings like jealousy, envy and avarice.

Blue/Indigo: color that is nonverbally associated with trust, reliability, thoughtfulness and integrity. This is the color of authority and the indigo suit is the dress code item of the official events for men. Blue brings peace and balance and symbolizes conservatism. I would recommend blue cloth for those who want to decrease anxiety and worries. Phlegmatic tempered people usually like this color. Blue with white is ideal for career-driven personalities. This combination develops flexibility and ability to adopt. Blue is essential to restore the balance in life. It also the color of wisdom and the most popular corporate color. The blue cloth attracts trust and loyalty and relaxes the processes in organism.

Violet: is the color of spirituality and luxury. In the ancient times that was the most expensive colorant since it was rare in the nature.  So that only King Families could afford to have violet cloth. From that time violet is the symbol of royalty and respectfulness. It can also broaden imagination of creative people.

Every day is a new day and I love the change by playing with the colors, shades and accessories. Decorating your Persona will help the creation of needed image and reach the targeted aim. However keep in mind that the most precious thing is actually who you are and cloth just a tool that will help you to explore yourself and show to the world.

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Become the best version of yourself: Tips how to look younger?

When you are young it is natural to look beautiful and fresh. You do not really care about the wrinkles and you do not think that not removing the makeup today may have a negative effect on your look in the future. Once you become older you realize that you have to take care of yourself. Youth is strongly associated with beauty and represented by the billion industries, where scientists, doctors and researchers are constantly looking for the magical formula. I myself, as a little child, inspired by Walt Disney cartoons have dreamed that by the time I grew up scientists would come up with “youth formula”. I have imagined it in the form of drink or food and after drinking/eating it I would become a beautiful young princess again. In reality, we have to admit that the process of magic is in every day routine of taking care after yourself, high discipline and positive attitude of mind. Today, I believe in a holistic body and mind approach – the art of loving yourself and taking any age of mine with gratitude.

So I want to share with you my little secrets that help me to look the way I do being a mother of two children and a public person with highly busy travel and business schedule. I believe that the way we look is not just the food we eat, it is the collection of all 5 senses: what we do, see, hear, touch, smell and feel during the day. The mixture of these factorsaccumulated in year’s result of how we look at the particular point of our life.

After minimum of 6-8 hours sleep I wake up and drink 2-3 glasses of warm water (preferably in the sitting position). After I do gymnastic, it is more like yoga: I stretch, do strokes, slopes and other exercises. After the shower, I am taking care after my face and body and it is an essential part of my day. I wash my face with the ice cubes (freeze the water with herbs in a little cup, night before in the refrigerator) or you can also use a mineral water to wash your face. Than I do Japanese face massage (that has been described in the article before), please see the link: I have chosen 5 exercises that work for me daily and it takes about 5 minutes. Then I cream myself, eye zone and face are separate treatments and get ready.

To summarize, there are 3 essentials that have to be followed. First you clean the face, depending on your skin type, after you moisturize the skin and protect – cover it with the cream. Make sure to treat neck and décolleté area as well. Eyes zone should be treated gently and separately since the skin here is very sensitive. The cream for the eyes should be an addition and one of the most important things in your daily kit. As well as night and day treatment differ. I love putting oil on my face and body; it moisturizes and makes the skin glow the next day. Once a week I take “Cleopatra” bath with flowers and milk, that makes my skin shiny, smooth and sweet. Therefore I highly recommend devoting at least 1 hour in the morning and in the evening for taking care of yourself (after and before the sleep). Making it your daily routine will contribute to your younger look and will save you lots of money and time in the future.

In addition, beauty is definitely not only about look (external factors). It is a balance of who we are (internal) and what we channel to the world. However it is a long and very personal way of each individual to find their own formula of happiness and youth. I believe sharing is caring and as an influencer I want to make the world a better place. A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms.Please, love yourself, daily take care of yourself and be young, beautiful and happy!

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december beauty products

Here is a products I’m using  this month :

1. La Prairie Smart Cream perfect for sensitive skin does not irritate in any way , light, non greasy and goes on silky smooth with SPF 15
2. La Prairie Cellular Radiance Concerned Pure Gold , collagen boosting , illuminates and brightens skin, exfoliation to reveal fresh , improves your skin vitality ( you don’t need to use a make up after )
3. Carol Joy collagen spray is one of the fist to use grade collagen reduces wrinkles and replenish depleted levels of epidermal moisture (can be applied on make up , during the day , flight , morning night ) this is my must have !!!
4. Cellcosmet exfoliate dual action The texture is creamy but contains what are called micro-polymers which are the grainy bits. It should be applied to very wet skin after cleansing and then use very light circular motions for 2 minutes before rinsing. The product is stated to have two purposes: Action 1 : Uses enzymes to quicken the natural flaking of keratinised skin cells, clears pores of impurities and surface blackhead. Action 2 : The exfoliating effect of micro-polymers improves the texture of the skin, brightens dull complexions and improves skin respiration. For some time I have been looking for an exfoliator that would remove the dead skin and dislodge the blackheads and whiteheads and I have found it does both of these for me.
5. Margy’s Monte Carlo T zone serum corrector. While this is not really hydrating by itself, it does helps control my sebum production in the t-zone.
6. Environ retinol 2 turns back the clock on your aging skin
7. Environ EssentiA Vita pepdide Eye gel contains an arsenal of peptides, essential vitamins and antioxidants
8. Environ Colostrum Gel. The main ingredient in Colostrum Gel is Colostrum, which is derived from Cows milk and has very similar components to Human Milk. Colostrum is also known as First Milk which is generated late in pregnancy by all mammals. It is designed to provide antibodies as disease protection for newborns during the first few days of life. It is extremely high in protein (the building blocks of life) your skin needs it
9. Environ VITA-PEPTIDE C-QUENCE SERUM 1 This serum contains the lowest concentration of vitamin A, C and E that help to support and maintain a radiantly youthful appearance.
10. Environ Sebuwash removes excess oils from the surface of the skin while maintaining the skin’s natural moisture balance.
11. Environ environ pre cleansing oil. Pre-Cleansing Oil gives you a clearer, more even complexion. It will soften and emulsify impurities and congestion.

Thank you for reading me and let me know if you have a questions

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