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10 May

My 10 days detox in Bad Ems! The best place in Europe to balance your body & spirit.

My 10 days detox in Bad Ems! The best place in Europe to balance your body & spirit.

Dear Reader,

Hoping to overcome sleep disorder, traveling stress and return to my “before” winter weight I ventured to the authentic Ayurveda medical and spa center in Germany. Maharishi Ayurveda Health Centre is located in Bad Ems. It is highly respectable and the only recognized best Ayurveda Clinic in Europe. Being “imperfect” human beings, my friend and I have decided to try a minimum of 10 days detox program.

You can get to Bad Ems either flying to Cologne or Frankfurt am Mein and from those cities, it will take you about an hour drive to get to the place. This small cozy town is very welcoming and there are elevators leading to the forest where the walking trails can be found. However, the weather was not in our favor during our stay and the temperature was pretty cold for long walks.

After we arrived in the hotel Hackers Grand Hotel Bad Ems, that has to be ordered separately, we ate at the local restaurant and the next day in the morning went for a personal appointment with the doctor. Firstly, the pulse was taken for determination of the main dosha that is responsible for all processes in the body. There are 3 types of doshas: vata, pita and kafa. They are essential for all processes in the body: assimilation, maintenance of health, formation, and disintegration of tissues, elimination of decay products, mental states, emotions: fear, anger, greed, understanding, love empathy and others. So based on our individual nature the procedures were assigned.

The core of our daily food would be vegetables. All food will be prepared on oils and each procedure started with “abyanki”. Breakfast, that I have skipped, consisted of porridge and soaked dried fruits. Before every lunch, we would get something sweet due to the belief that the brain will receive a message of glucose income and become less hungry. Mainly choice of rice and quinoa. Dinner was served usually with soups. Here we would also get a menu for the next day.  In case of hunger we were allowed to eat crisp bread.

Throughout the day we would have to drink very hot water. In addition, when prescribed by the doctor, you should be waiting at the door with a thermos for “Am Pachan” at 7 AM. Here you will be served a special cleansing drink and maybe ghee.  However, the absence of a standard waiting room for procedures caused a lot of inconveniences: only 2 chairs available and constant wind discomfort contributed to catching a cold.

As I have mentioned in the beginning, the minimum stay is 10 days. You should be prepared after the 5th day you will be given castor oil and it will become your laxative day). One day after you will be prescribed another 3 enemas. In addition, after a week (7 days) you will receive extra enemas, they call them “basti”, the first one is oily, the second is strong antitoxins and the third one is oily again. The oil will continue working for another 10 days and it is essential to keep the diet for another 2 weeks at least. That will accelerate the weight loss process. We were also given a bunch of vitamins to take as the diet supplementary.  

As a result, my friend and I lost 3 kg (about 6 pounds) each. However, I was not able to conquer my sleeping disorder, but there more still to come. Moreover, authentic Ayurveda treatments in Germany with emphasis on high-class Panchakarma-treatment was a great experience overall. Do detox, stay tuned, be happy)!

For those who want to know more:

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