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29 Sep

Venice Film Festival

Venice Film Festival

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Visiting Venice during the Film Festival feels different. Indeed, it is highly correlated with the recent pandemic and iconic tourist sites are quieter, and it is a much more pleasant experience to visit historic sites like St. Mark’s Square (Piazza San Marco) in Venice. The city officials available throughout Venice have helped improve the overall tourist experience. As COVID-19 continues to be a risk, navigating the narrow walkways has become easier with fewer people visiting the city. Even though the streets might seem empty, the Venice Film Festival still saw large crowds along the entrance’s security lines.


Lunch with a View


I had the privilege of working with Cartier and I had the opportunity of having the most wonderful stay with a breathtaking view of The Gritti Palace. The ripples of wa, while I enjoyed lunch, were beyond peaceful and the perfect start to my journey for the Venice Film Festival.


The Gritti Palace


The Gritti Palace is a palazzo from the 15th century. This private residence had been home to well-known visitors and noble families in the past. It has been a luxury hotel since 1895. As you walk through the corridors of this hotel, you are reminded of the royalty that once walked the same path as you. The originality of the palace has been preserved with its exceptional elegance and art, giving it a familiar and intimate feel of a private residence, rather than a hotel. Cartier hosted its guests in The Gritti Palace and the experience of waking up with views of the Grand Canal is one that cannot be described.


Piazza San Marco Venezia


Being able to visit Mark’s Square at a time when it wasn’t overflowing with tourists was indeed a luxury. I was able to capture pictures without people hovering in the background and truly enjoy the amazing architecture of Piazza San Marco. Napoleon rightly called this square which is the heart of Venice, “the world’s most beautiful drawing room”.


The St. Regis Venice


If you are on the hunt for Italian cuisine that might be Italian at heart but has been redefined, St. Regis Venice needs to be on your list of restaurants to visit while in Venice. The private garden of the St. Regis Bar is a casual space where guests and local tastemakers can mingle with each other. In the wake of the pandemic, outdoor dining is an ideal choice to dine along with superb views of Venice.


Doge’s Palace/ Palazzo Ducale


Another popular site in Venice is Doge’s Palace which was another place without busy crowds photo-bombing your pictures. This palace has been built in Venetian Gothic style and is one of the major landmarks of Venice. If you visit Venice and skip on Doge’s palace, your trip somehow feels unfulfilled and incomplete.

After visiting Venice in such peaceful times, you can’t help but agree that Venice is truly Europe’s most beautiful city. If you wish to travel post-pandemic, Venice is a good choice as you would find armed police officials around all popular tourist spots. These officials discourage throngs of tourists gathered in one place along with providing directions, making it easier to navigate Venice and making the most of your vacation. So is Europe is your next destination, I would highly recommend visiting this magical place of  Venus.



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