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26 Sep

Travelling guide to Ibiza



If you are traveling as a family, a couple, or a party of one, Ibiza will have activities to keep you busy and entertained. Here is your travel guide!

Ibiza is one of the Balearic Islands and is a major attraction within Spain. It is well known for its nightlife, and it is this very fact that is celebrated in Mike Posner’s hit song, “I took a pill in Ibiza.” Well, it’s all true. If you want a much-needed break from routine and want to party to your heart’s desire, Ibiza is the place to be! There is a lot more there too with beaches and some excellent restaurants!

If Ibiza is where you are heading this year, here is all you need to have on your itinerary. Let’s start off with what Ibiza is famous for!


The Night Life


Never-Ending Dance


Pablo Fierro (@pablofierromusic) is one of the hottest DJs out there. He was born and raised in the Canary Islands and is the name behind some ofthe most amazing music to ever have been produced, to make sure you dance the night away. I was lucky enough to listen to him live in Ibiza where he was performing earlier this year and it was a night of never-ending partying!


Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel


I had the opportunity to experience one of the most incredible shows in musical history; David Guetta in Ibiza. This open-air club is perfect for Covid-19 restrictions and you can party all night while staying safe.






Lio takes you on an unmatched culinary journey with its impressiveassortment of delectable dishes and dim lights to truly savor the food with minimal distractions. The cabaret makes for an unforgettable evening of foodandentertainment. The open air is, once again, perfect during this pandemic.


A mi Manera Ibiza


The whimsical details you would find in A mi Manera’s styling gives it a mysterious garden charm and is perfect for all your events; weddings, dinners, birthdays, and business dinners. The open air and decor adds a special romantic touch to a relaxing date night amidst nature and organically sourced food.




Plaja de es Pujol Formentera


Playa es Pujols might be a small town but the peace you get from gazing at the crystal clear water and walking barefoot along the sandy beach are a level of comfort we have all been desperately wanting for the last year or two. As you walk along the shore, you will come upon restaurants, bars, shops, and great nightspots to chill at, along with some souvenir shops.


Ses Salines


This is 1.5 kms long so you don’t need to worry about finding a spot. The calm, gentle waters give you a ton of water activities to opt for.


Cala Tarida


If you are travelling to Ibiza with younger kids, this beach is perfect for you. The shallow waters are perfect for paddling and the nearby stalls for snacks and supplies will save you from dealing with a crying and hungry child.


Cala Nova


If you want to be surrounded by pine trees while basking in the sun, you should head to Cala Nova. You would also get some amazingly aesthetic pictures around its various picturesquespots.


My favourite person, I definately recommend you to visit Ibiza – it is stunning and magical place, that will become your favourite destination on the World Map!

Love, xxxxx

Yours Lenlen



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