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20 Oct

Intellectual Club 418 NOW in LONDON!

Intellectual Club 418 NOW in LONDON!

Dear Reader,

Autumn is the fruitful season and a wonderful time for new beginnings and openings. I love seeing other people succeed and enjoy stories of development and growth. Therefore, today I will share the insights from the “birth celebration” of the magnificent project that aims to become a friendly community with cultural values.

On the 9th of October 2019, I have been invited to witness the opening of the private Intellectual Club 418 in London. Although, it was not the easy task to get to the London’s National Gallery on that particular day due to the climate change protests in Trafalgar Square and related to that most of the streets in the center were closed. However, organizers partnered with luxury deliver service with private driver Wheely @wheely that performed on a high level and we have arrived on time.

The event headliner was the concert of the “new type” opera artist Hibla Gerzmava. Today, she is a guest of the main stages of the world: Mariinsky Theater in St. Petersburg, Communal Theater in Florence, Metropolitan Opera in New York, Covent Garden in London, Vienna State Opera, Grand Theater de Liceo in Barcelona, Champs Elysees in Paris. Such legends of the music scene as pianist Denis Matsuev, maestro di cappella Vladimir Spivakov, pianist Nikolai Lugansky, Music Viva orchestra, singer and saxophonist Batyrkhan Shukenov, etc., feel honored to collaborate with the singer. Here, it is vital to mention my admiration and excitement to see and hear this outstanding opera Diva. It is a remarkable fact that she has won the public’s love not only by her vocal abilities, but also for her gorgeous acting and thoughtfulness of the overall image. This distinctiveness formed Hibla Gerzmava’s personal brand – talented opera Diva and a well-known style icon!

As to the history of Intellectual Club 418 – it is a cultural project, whose initial mission was to develop educational programs. Members of the club meant to have their own community and value intellectual and educational events. Since 2013 it has been operating in Russia (Moscow & Saint Petersburg) and Kazakhstan. The initial founders of the club are two beautiful and talented women Irina Kudrin and Nadezhda Obolentseva. However, the long-planned and awaited expansion of the clubs’ activities and opening of a branch in London was co-founded and will be managed by gorgeous Anastasia Belyak, whose educational background is akin to the club’s purpose. Anastasia is in possession of art critic and lawyer degrees and she will be helping to develop 418 IC in London.

Six years of numerous cultural, educational, fascinating and other activities mainly organized in Moscow and Saint Petersburg meant to lead to the intellectual and personal development of their members. Moreover, the popularity has transformed the nature of the club from the small community and turned it into a full-fledged cultural platform. IC 418 has supported and presented such works as the documentary film “Sasha Sokolov”, “The Last Russian Writer” by Nikolai Kartosia and Anton Zhelnov, the performance of Lev Dodin “Hamlet” and the exhibition by Vladimir Sorokin “Three Friends” in Tallinn were organized, and the historical concert of Oleg Karavaychuk was prepared at the Documentary Film Center, which, unfortunately, was the last for the great composer. Nevertheless, due to the nature of the club, you still need to become a member to attend interesting and anticipated London events, meet famous speakers, go to various exhibitions, and participate in engaging discussions and much more. Live a full life, become more cultural and intellectual together with Intellectual Club 418!


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