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15 May

London in bloom: RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2019 highlights

London in bloom: RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2019 highlights

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The last month of the spring is cherished and awaited for many due to several reasons. May is rich in the color spectrum, loved for comfortable and warm temperature, short nights and long days, and blooming flowers, trees and plants. That combination awakens and inspires us for multiple outdoor activities, nature exploration, gardening, and other scenery related doings. Moreover, if you are in London at this moment or deciding where to travel next week, I would highly suggest coming to Chelsea, West London, for the next week May 21st – May 25th. I believe, it is one of the world’s beautiful places, indeed, to be at with the family, friends or/and alone. Chelsea is looking prettier than ever right now. Other than visiting the world’s leading horticultural event, the Chelsea Flower Show, you should definitely take time to tour Chelsea and its surrounding areas for more floral delights.

Formally known as the ‘Great Spring Show’or also known as Chelsea in Bloom held since 1912 for 5 days in May- it is a garden show that is produced by Cadogan in association with the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), and sees breathtaking floral displays from retailers, restaurants and hotels throughout the duration of the Chelsea Flower Show. Today, it is definitely the most famous flower and landscape gardens show in the United States and, perhaps, in the world).

This year, the Chelsea Flower Show is in great demand! Mostly all tickets have been sold in advance. This is due to the gigantic preparation and involvement of Kate Middleton in garden design debut. Although, the world’s most prestigious flower show was always supported by the Royal family and Queen Elizabeth the II is the key guest of all the shows. This year the new offspring of the royal family as Duchess of Cambridge and co-designers’- landscape architects Andrée Davies and Adam White of Davies White will unveil their cooperation of highly-anticipated garden. The idea of the design was inspired by Duchess childhood memories and triggered by the natural world. The purpose of designing and building the garden was ‘to highlight how being active in nature can positively impact our physical and mental health. The garden has a natural woodland feel and contains lots of unique design features to inspire families to get outside and explore nature together. This, true and beautiful idea of unity with nature is highly supported by the UK population and I can just add that I have never seen so many people here before.

Highlights to the Chelsea Flower Show include the avant-garde show gardens designed by leading names with Floral Marquee at the centerpiece. The Show also features smaller gardens such as the Artisan and Urban Gardens. Nature is the key element and sustainability is the core value of any design. You can pick 3-5 or all the shows to see:


  • The Great Pavilion showcases thousands of immaculate plant varieties from around the world
  • David Austin Roses will unveil two new English Rose varieties at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show

For those who want to know more:

The RHS Chelsea Flower Show kicks off on Tuesday 21 May until Saturday 25 May 2019. Remember, 21-22 May is for RHS members only, whilst non-members can visit between 23-25 May. Ticket prices vary, dependent on whether you choose all day, the 3.30pm or the 5.30pm time slot

Flower Show 2019:



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