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10 Sep


Elena's beauty kit

Dear beloved Reader!

Today, I will answer one of the most frequently asked questions and uncover the secret of my beauty). Indeed, my respect and gratitude go to my wonderful parents first. From them, I have inherited good genes, healthy habits, and slim body type. However, the second and the most important is actually daily maintenance of the body and mind, especially after 30. Therefore, I have created a “little kit” that you can take advantage of and use as my personal and professional experience with the cosmetology brands. I am happy to present to you – “Beauty Wish List for the Oily Skin Type” that I have been using for years and I can definitely recommend you. However, I would like to point out one more time that I have an oily type of skin. That means that creams that I use will not suit those, who have other types of skin. I suggest you figure out what is your skin type before purchasing any type of cosmetics.

So let’s start: Treatment From [email protected]_skintype

I Face

Morning routine:

  1. I start my morning by cleaning my face with #Purify Cleanser from @ENEOMEY;
  2. After I hydrate my face with #Face Mist, molecular cosmetics “STRUM” from @dr.Barbara_STRUM;
  3. To cover and moisture the skin under the eyes I use #Crème Contour des Yeux VIP from @Biologique Recherché
  4. To protect my face for the day after I use #Focus Care Comfort+, Colostrum Gel from @ENVIRON enriches my skin during the sleep.
  5. For the eyelashes & eyebrows perfect look, I use daily #Eyelash Activating serum. A lot of people ask me about my long and volume eyelashes thinking that they are fake. Therefore, I highly recommend it to those, who prefer and understand the difference.

Night treatment:

Before going to bed it is vital to take care of the face again:

  1. For cleaning the skin I would use #Skin clear organic tea tree purifying toner 5 in 1 from @dr.Organic+. It ideally matches my skin type and prepares for the cream;
  2. To protect and restore the skin cells during the night I use #Creme AU collagen Marin from @Biologique Recherché. It works really well for me;
  3. For the eyes, since the skin is more sensible in this area I recommend using #Creme contour des Yeux VIP for the night from @Biologique Recherché;
  4. Due to my happy nature and habit to laugh I need to make sure that my eyes are treated well. That is why after that I use #EssentiA eye gel from @ENVIRON to make sure that my most sensitive face part gets covered.

As to the hair, I wash them every day with @Christophe Robin delicate and volumizing #shampoo with rose extracts and use the same kind of #conditioner after that. It is ideally for me and I just love it. After, washing and drying the hair I use #Daily hair Cream with sandalwood from my favorite hair care brand @Christophe Robin.

II Body treatment:

  1. I use #Restorative body cream from @SISLEY to hydrate my skin. I love that it is not fatty, moisturizes well and does not leave white marks on the cloth.


  1. I always carry #L’eauxygenante from @Biologique Recherché with me and it helps me to moisture my body skin during the day and refreshes the look;
  2. #Roll-on-deodorant from @Real purity – every day MUST have) its formula contains essential oils and is a natural clinically proven protection;
  3. Once a week I use #Exfoliating scrub gommage tonique from @Clinique to keep my face shiny and healthy.
  4. To feel good and stay fit during the day I will take #HUM vitamins that I got from @beautysanwich. It is working amazing for skin and hair care and makes both strong and shiny.
  5. The great thing to have during and after the sunbathing is #Micellar after sun shower gel. It removes sunscreens, sand, salt & chlorine, moisturizes and sublimates the skin. I strongly recommend it as must-have during the summer from @Institut ESTHEDERM Paris;
  6. For people who travel often I would recommend having in the bag #White ginger contour oil for legs lightness and tone from @SISLEY;
  7. For massage, I would suggest using #Contour body treatment oil from @CLARINS that 100% serves its purpose of strengthening and reshaping the body after a long night, flight and/or stressful day.

To make it easier for you, I have created a @wish list on Amazon for you:

Be healthy, be fit, be beautiful and happy!

Thanks for reading me


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