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3 Jul

DETOX AD HOC & the truth about quick weight loss

DETOX AD HOC & the truth about quick weight loss

Dear Reader,

I am happy and grateful to reconnect with you. As you might have noticed I changed web design and created my personal brand logo based on my mission & vision – “Be your own brand”. As well as I have added the store and I am planning to offer you stylish and extraordinary cloth, shoes & accessories, cosmetics & makeup.

However, today I want to share the results of my Detox Program that I have done in May earlier this year. So just to remind you, I have spent 10 “hungry” days in Bad Ems, Germany in one of the most expensive and unique places – Maharishi Ayurveda Health Centre. I had 2 goals – to lose weight and balance my sleeping disorder. As the result both of the aims have been achieved in a short period of time. In addition, I have been told that the program will work for another month and bring even better results.

The TRUTH is that it DOES NOT WORK! The 3 kilograms that I have lost in the best Europe’s Ayurveda center, where I have struggled and dream for a better me, returned in 2 weeks. In addition, when I start to eat, I cannot stop. That would never happen to me before. I am of a skinny type woman, both of my parents are in good shape and I never had to think about what I eat. Moreover, after giving a birth to 2 wonderful children I also remained in shape. However, this DETOX Program just shocked me since my weight came back and I have gained another 4 kilograms on top of that.
So what are my TRUE results after DETOX:

  • +7 kg
  • Regular hunger & eating disorder
  • Uncontrolled overeating

In order to stop the rapid weight gain, I have stopped eating dinner – my last meal ends at 5 PM. I also have started to do sports with personal trainer – 3 times per week. The only thing that still works is that I have solved the issue with a sleeping disorder. I was prescribed special pills that I am taking regularly before sleep and they still work.

So my advice to you is not to look for the shortcuts and plan your diet at least for half a year. In case you would like to try, prepare yourself beforehand by fasting once a week on your favorite fruits or vegetables. I personally, do not believe in magical transformation overnight anymore. Losing weight or changing any of your habits takes at least 21 days. In addition, DETOX might not a good solution for the long-term results for you.

For the restful mind after stressful detox or how correctly to lose weight below is my personal FORMULA of HEALTH. The secret of wellbeing is the following:

  • Your meals should be regular (at exact time +/- 15 min).
  • Plan your meals weekly and FOLLOW the plan!
  • The last meal should be not later than 3 hours before sleep. I would suggest eating 2 kiwis before going to bed.

It is vital to listen to yourself and take into consideration Your personal constitution, physical stamina, and health state. Feel yourself and think long-term – create your own personal HEALTH STYLE with LenLenStyle, be Unique, be YOU!

Thanks for reading me


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