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14 Jul

Cartier Symbolic Rebirth at Lake Como, Italy

Cartier Symbolic Rebirth at Lake Como, Italy

Hi Fashionistas,

Today, I am excited to tell you that Cartier has recently launched its high-end jewelry collection in Italy. Here’s everything you need to know about Sixième Sens par Cartier’s launch. The chaos caused by the global pandemic took a toll on several fashion and jewelry brands around the world. With everything finally settling down, many brands are carefully reopening for business. We missed out on several launch parties since 2020. However, with the launch of Sixième Sens par Cartier, it looks like the high-end jewelry brand is finally in full swing again.

About Cartier

Cartier has been making a statement with its grandeur launch parties and high-end, luxury jewelry collections. Introduced in 1847, the brand quickly became a favorite amongst Europe’s upper-class residents. Suffice to say, owning a piece of jewelry by the brand is a dream come true for many. If you had witnessed the Panthère de Cartier launch in 2019, you must know what the fuss surrounding Cartier’s launch parties is all about. Regardless of the current situation, Cartier didn’t disappoint us this year. Let’s take a look at how the event unfolded:

1. A Yacht to Remember

As seen in  my Instagram account @lenlenstyle, it was a warmly  welcome event with special presents and a personalized letter at the hotel. The first unforgettable moment for the guests was a cruise around Lake Como. The privately guided voyage on the yacht was breathtaking. One could enjoy a bottle of champagne on this yacht and/or breathtaking scenic beauty surroundings.

2. Bon Appétit

Next on the bucket list was an upscale restaurant with classic Italian architecture and food that represents modern Italian cooking. Ristorante Alle Darsene Di Loppia is also famous for its extensive list of delicious wines. In addition to the artful architecture, the overall ambiance made the evening perfect. If you ever visit Italy, this restaurant in Bellagio is worth a try.

3. A Luxurious Stay

As the guests, we have stayed at the gorgeous Mandarin Oriental, Lago di Como. Situated right by Lake Como, the views were picturesque. This hotel is worth the stay with its garden-view rooms, sunlit shores and 5-star services.

4. The Main Event

If you think the stay, food, and yacht trip was luxurious, the main event at Villa Gastel was even more so. Everything from the decorations and atmosphere screamed of perfection. The party was filled with friendly and gorgeous guests, each wearing stunning jewelry by the world-famous brand.

5. Ramp Walks

The brand arranged the ramp walk at Villa d’Este, where the gorgeous new Sixième Sens par Cartier collection was showcased. Each model came out in luxurious dresses wearing a piece from the collection. If you wish to view this latest collection, click here.

Final Verdict

The location for this launch, Lake Como, was meticulously chosen to represent the brand’s rebirth post-coronavirus. Everything was organized down to the tee, and the high-end jewelry collection seems to be filled with charming Cartier necklaces and Cartier rings. My personal favorite from this collection is the Coruscant Necklace, made with diamonds with six different cuts. We can’t wait to see what more Cartier has in store for us. Stay tunned.

Cartier Symbolic Rebirth at Lake Como, Italy Cartie


Yours LenLen,




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