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15 Jul

Paris Fashion Week 2021

Paris Fashion Week 2021

Hi, my beloved Fashionistas!

Glitz, Glamour, and Elegance: Everything You Need to Know About Paris Fashion Week 2021. The awaited event that happened at the end of June and early July represented the trends that are spreading on the internet like wildfire. Let’s take a look at the details of the event.

Paris has been a hotspot for fashion lovers and fashion brands for decades now. As the world’s fashion capital, it has hosted many grand launch events and parties. It is the place to go if you want to bump into famous ateliers and get acquainted with world-famous luxury brands. Amidst all the ramp walks and launches, fashionistas from all over the world were eagerly waiting to witness the luxurious Paris Fashion Week 2021.

As the event started to unfold, I soon realized that this year’s fashion week would far exceed my expectations. As a fashion and lifestyle blogger, I’ve attended quite a lot of fashion weeks. However, nothing is as theatrical and filled with haute couture as the Paris Fashion Week. So, was the fashion week in Paris worth the spotlight it gained this year? Let’s find out!

Let the Party Begin

My stay at the Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris was nothing short of luxurious and grand as always. Built-in 1928, the hotel accurately represents the historic value of the city and the architecture that’s worth everyone’s gaze. The 5-star hotel has everything; from fun activities to spas and exceptional food. For the guests of the fashion week, this hotel exceeds all expectations and is my favorite place of stay while I am in Paris.

Did Someone Say French Cuisine?

From traditional desserts to mouthwatering platters, Restaurant L’Avenue had it all. If you want to enjoy a quiet, not-so-touristy environment in France during lunch or dinner, this will be a perfect spot to try. Everything, from the ambiance and architecture to food, was the epitome of perfection.

The Dream Dress

I was surrounded by gorgeous models in luxury brands at Musée Rodin, where the ramp walks began. I was mesmerized by the collections presented by luxury brands, such as Dior, Chanel (my love), Giorgio Armani, and Fendi. However, there was one dress that caught my attention the most.

The dress that stood out the most was Dior’s golden beige flowy dress with subtle sequin details.



All-Time Favorite!

Chanel has been my all-time favorite brand and among all the fashion brands, I was most excited to see this brand’s runway looks. From the Bohemian style beach dress to elegant pantsuits, everything looked phenomenal. Here are some of my favorites by Chanel:

Paris Fashion Week 2021Chanel

Paris Fashion Week 2021 Paris Fashion Week 2021


Final Verdict

From the history of Schiaparelli Fashion House to the essence of Paris, everything was beautifully captured in Paris Fashion Week 2021. My trip came to an end with delicious food at the Loulou Restaurant and the beautiful Hotel Costes. The fashion week did not cease to disappoint me this year, and I can’t wait to attend another creative art erformace at a high quality level in the future. The little details, comfort and the tranquille atmosphere make it an unforgetable experience for me and the whole world!

Paris Fashion Week 2021

Love you, yours style expert LenLen




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