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The first rule of beauty is skincare.

This said, I have yet to master the art, often glossing over my regime all together. Between my head-spinning schedule as a business woman and mother of two, who has the time? Not to mention the infinite selection of products — who has the time or know-how to solve this mystery?

Enter: Glossier, a company birthed from the collective and influential resources accounted on break-out blog “Into the Gloss.” ITG saw creator, Emily Weiss, interview the fashion and beauty industry’s heaviest hitters, and “Oprah” them for their best beauty secrets.

Ummm…I’m interested!

Now, ITG has been brought to life, or product rather, in Glossier. Beginning with four core products designed to enhance the beauty you already possess, not cover it up, Glossier calls this the Phase 1 Set.

While you can rest assured the experts at Glossier have tried every product known to man and surely know best, I had to try it out for myself before giving it the “LenLen Look” of approval. So over the weekend I headed down to the showroom (make-up free, YIKES) to try the products first hand.

The airy and ethereal loft is signature Glossier with each expert as approachable as they were beautiful. One took me under her wing to try each product then and there.

Step One: I drew the water to a warm temperature to wet my canvas/ face, generously applied the Milky Jelly Cleanser and rubbed it in with circular motions. The product is so gentle it will not sting the eyes yet is strong enough to dissolve mascara (unless water-proof). After rinsing and dabbing my skin with a towel, I wasn’t reaching for moisturizer as I usually do with other cleansers.

I applied step two: Priming Moisturizer. They tell you to use generously and as many times as your skin needs. Note from the expert: your skin can never be” too moisturized.” I noticed my skin’s redness dissipated, and instead a taut and velvety texture remained — the perfect primer for make-up.

Time for the Perfecting Skin Tint. While it resembles your average concealer the texture is ultra-thin and breathable, simply evening the skin tone with a dewy effect rather than thick war-paint coverage. Best applied by dabbing the four points of the face — forehead, chin and cheeks — and rubbing in circular motions as always. As a proponent of make-up free skin, I was SO impressed with the result. The effect is completely natural.

And who could forget the lips?!

Glossier’s skin salve, Balm DotCom (how cute is that name!) contains antioxidants and natural emollients that could nourish irritation of any kind. Balm DotCom can also be applied to cheekbones as a highlight or for any area needing heavy moisture. Don’t be shy with this one!

The entire process is easy to pull-off in under 10 minutes, making the $80 purchase for the Phase 1 Set a no-brainer! I’ve kept up the process daily since and could not be more delighted.

If you can’t make it down to the showroom (open limited-time only) you can shop the products here. Catch-up with the team and guest experts like KhloeKardashian on Into The Gloss.

Happy Glossing!!

Thank you for reading me

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