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30 Dec

New Year in Moscow

New Year in Moscow

This New Year is special as I have recently launched my Lenlenstyle blog! I hope this year to share a lot of interesting pictures, ideas and moments! I want to thank all of my friends and you for your comments of support and interest in my Lenlenstyle blog! You mean so much to me and thanks to you I have a new ideas and places to share! I would like to give a special thank you to my photographer Sabina Vishnevska for all her work. She did so much in such a short time.

Everyone has different traditions for New Years; I always spend New Year’s with my family and loved ones. It’s an important time for me. We turn the calendar and begin the New Year which means new goals, achievements and dreams. This why I love to be with my family spending time around the table sharing memories and our dreams for the New Year together!

I am spending New Year’s in my hometown that’s covered with snow! I want to share my holiday pictures with you…and wish you all happiness, joy, health and love!

We have a lot of ideas for the New Year to make your life easier… As I always say; life is easier when you know where to shop. Life is more beautiful when you are beautiful!

Love you guys and wishing you only the best!