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2 Dec

Multipurpose Outfit

The weekend after thanksgiving calls for comfortable and loose clothes. Although I was away in St. Barths and not in New York for the holidays this outfit is perfect for any occasion where you ate a little too much and can’t fit into last week’s skinny jeans. I choose to pair my silk red pajama-inspired set with Gucci fur clogs and a burgundy Hermes bag with a Fendi “Karl” bag charm. The silk suite was extremely forgiving and covered up any reminiscence of that extra piece of pie I probably shouldn’t have had. And the fur clogs transformed my outfit from “I just rolled out of bed” to “I woke up like this…flawless”.
Because I was in St. Barths I changed my fur clogs to flat sandals, and made my way to lunch. This red silk pajama set is one of my favorite things to travel with because it takes up no space and can be transformed from a beach outfit (if you wear the top as a cover-up) or as a beautiful evening outfit with stilettos and layers of delicate silver and gold jewelry. In fact, the key to travelling light is to bring clothes that can be worn both casually and for festive nights out. Although it may seem strange, I prefer to bring more accessories and pairs of shoes with me when I travel rather than more clothes. Vacation is also a great excuse to wear shoes and accessories that may otherwise be too bold or clunky for the streets of New York.

A comfortable outfit can come in many different forms. Although some people may prefer sweatpants and sneakers I like to wear something that looks effortless but stylish. I would recommend getting a silk pajama set because it looks as beautiful on the streets as it does in the sheets.

XoXo LenLenStyle