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3 Jun

5 types of shoes for the best summer look.

5 types of shoes for the best summer look.

Happy Sunday, my Dear Readers!

Summer has legitimately filled the air with fresh breeze and bright sun has lifted up the mood. It is time to take all your summer cloth and shoes out, go to parks, do outdoor activities and enjoy the sun, wind and blossoming nature! One of the main componentsof the any outfit and look – is definitely shoes!  So today I would like to share with you what kinds of shoes are must to have this summer and how to match them to create a stunning look.

How many shoes does the woman need to be happy? The answer is just one more pair to the ones she already has. Well, I believe that shoes should be comfortable, beautiful and expensive. There are 5 main types of shoes that I would recommend having in your summer wardrobe 2018. They are:

Classical boat-type shoes (I cannot go anywhere without them);

High-heeled sandals;

Boots of different height, sandals or any kind of shoes with straps or lacing;

Shoes in sports style: snickers, crocs, sandals;

Decorated slippers – my favorite type is with fur).

          Fortunately, in the XXIst century women do not have to wear from morning till night, on weekdays and on holidays just classical boat-type shoes since beauty no longer requires such sacrifices. Nevertheless, the boat-type shoes are elegant, simple and beautiful. I think that is the main reason for the majority ofdesigners to include them in their collections and offer wearing them this summer to an evening dress. In addition to it, “boats” can be worn to any clothing in the style of smart casual: to trousers, chinos, culottes, a pencil skirt and a lush skirt. As well as shoes-boatsperfectly deal with the task of visually pulling out the silhouette and turn mediocre legs into striking.

Fashionable sandals can be on high-heels or without worn to any summer dress during the weekdays or/and weekends. They can be from different material, textures, colors, etc. Prada, Nina Ricci and Miu Miu propose to put sandals on knee socks or at least on lacy tracks. Dolce & Gabbana decorates has collection with decorated details of the sandals.
           Fashioned boots with straps, long ties wrapped around the ankle, and sandals with straps cross in the spirit of antique sandals are popular for the 3rd seasonalready. However, please take into consideration that the straps and shoelaces around the ankle visually shorten the legs and, as a consequence, do not suit everyone.

Well, for more than one year in a row, suede high boots remain in fashion too. Treads are better to combine with a short dress of straight cut or trapezium and/or a skirt made of leather (see my photos). As an outerwear, a classic model coat or a leather jacket will be a great match with them.

Sport shoes like my favorite snickers are comfortable and good-looking. I prefer the once thatare decorated with various elements and are filled with smart details. Today snickers can add glamour to the ordinary jeans shorts and white t-shirt look.

The most daring girls, including me, choose fashion models of women’s shoes with fur trim. I personally have multiple fur trim slippers and classical high-heeled shoes. I feel comfortable and gorgeous in them. In addition I would recommend you to try it in and you will understand me better. This tips meant to contribute to the best summer look and time of your life!  

Thanks for reading me