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31 May

Trousers versus Dresses & skirts!

Good day, Dear Readers

As woman gain more equality with the men it reflects our look. Today, I believe that majority of the woman wear trousers. Modern pace of life requires an active position from us and trousers give a simple, universal and comfortable solution. I believe that is the main reason why “men cloth” is so popular today. I suppose that all of us have both mixture of dress and trousers. By counting the cloth inventory and structuring it you will understand who the winner of your closet is. Based on research and analysis, majority of the woman wear trousers daily and dresses only on a special events and/or occasion. Moreover, even companies with strict dress code allow woman trousers suite instead of traditional skirt and blazer. Nowadays, comfortless is the main trend and is also represented by the snickers and sport shoes popularity and fashion acceptance. The XXIst century motto: “The main thing that you feel comfortable!” In addition, wearing trousers give more warmth and protection from the environment, especially in the cold climate.

However by looking back into history dress and maxi skirt were traditional cloth for woman. For example, my grandmother had no trousers in her wardrobe. It is believed that men and woman have different flow of the energy. The woman receives it from the Earth and the men from the Sky. By touching the Earth with the dress it was believed that woman gets protected and the energy runs the way it should. That is why old drawings of woman and men were represented by different direction triangles    – woman,     – men.

In most of the countries including Russia woman are not allowed to enter the Temples/Churches or any Saint places in trousers. Dresses were and are associated with beauty and femininity. It is also known that girls and woman that wear dresses and skirts love themselves more than in trousers. Dresses/skirts outfit influence men on invisible level and they feel that they are needed and automatically start to treat you as a princess. I think that when I am in the skirt/dress men see me as a lady and when I am in the trousers they seen me as a partner or business woman.

I personally have both; the preference goes towards the dress/skirt though. I believe dress enhances my personality with softness, grace and splendor. On the other hand I love the comfort of jeans and/or wide trousers. They make my life easier in the morning when I have a busy day and no time to choose the accessories. It is so simple just to put on jeans, t-shirt, stylish blazer, shoes, bag and glasses and you look stunning! However, I have days when I only wear dress. I advise you to put on only dresses/skirts for a week/month/year and see what differences it will make in your life!  Be creative, be beautiful, experiment and share the results with me and your friends.  

Thanks for reading me