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14 Jun

Motivation or just being alive?

Motivation or just being alive?

Drive is a great thing to achieve your objectives and goals. Doing daily activities with enthusiasm helps me to “keep walking” and enjoy an interesting and unpredictable journey of my life. I believe that we are the one who is in charge of our own life path. It is up to us to decide to be happy or sad, negative or positive, fat or slim, losing or winning, etc!  Therefore, today I would like to talk about the motivation, the importance of enthusiasm and desire to live, explore, achieve and simply live and enjoy the life. For example, I love beauty, fashion, and traveling. My motivation for those things is that I truly adore splendor. My stylish dress represents respect and gratitude for others and emphasizes the magnificence of life. Travelling opens minds and horizons by diving into different reality, cultures, and traditions helps me to get out of the box and see the life from other perspectives.

Motivation – is the process that accounts for an individual’s intensity, direction, and persistence of effort toward achieving personal and/or organizational goal. In more simple words it is the amount of effort you put forth in order to reach the aim. A direction is the density of efforts channeled towards the goals. Persistence counts the longitude of the effort. All those aspects are crucial to keep the motivation up. How many times have you promised to take care of yourself? How long have you been dreaming of losing weight? I believe that finding the motivation to change old habits and replace them with the new one takes time and should be taken care of immediately. You should know that to change of any habit requires a cycle of at least 21 days.

It is important to start from the question what do I want in life, where do I want to be in 5, 10, 20 years? I personally, map and write my short-term (objectives) and long-term plans (goals). When writing a plan, I always mark my priorities. I would recommend “shooting for the stars”! Moreover, the motive is a purely an individual thing. What gives me strength may not be working as effectively or not working at all for you.

However, it is important to know that you can change yourself at any point in your life and reach your dreams! Practically, I would recommend you now to take a piece of paper and write down your strategic goals (desires). For instance, it can be anything from losing weight, learning a different language, travel more or getting married and even going to the Moon. After that visualize each of your dreams coming true and see all the details of it. It is vital as a first step to define and visualize your wishes and desires. For example, if you want to lose weight. First of all be precise and formulate the following: I would like to lose 21 pounds in the next 6 month. Visualize trying on a new cloth, looking stunning and other people complimenting and looking at you. Think and dream about it as often as you can – several times per day.

After defining your strategic goal, the second stage would be finding the right resources people, experts, books, courses, videos, etc.  Help from anyone and/or anything that will be able to contribute to the realization of your dream. Well, the most important thing is the realization/implementation. Daily routine and discipline will help you to overcome the difficulties. “Just do it” and the regularity is the core to success when it comes to any action! Nevertheless, it is critical to enjoying the process, try not to overstress mentally and physically. I would suggest finding easy and joyful methods for you.

When reaching the goal it is important to celebrate that enormous achievement. It is essential to feel good about overcoming the obstacles, finding the solutions and following the way to the triumph! Appreciate, respect and love yourself by giving time and strongly believing that you can do it! Please remember that is it is never too late to change your life. Follow your dreams, learn from others, implement it in your life and become the best version of yourself.

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Motivation or just being alive?