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10 Jun

5 useful advices on how to choose the jewelry

5 useful advices on how to choose the jewelry

Happy Sunday, my Dear Readers!

As you have seen from my recent “Instagram postsI just adore jewelry. Like any other girl or woman I love to select and wear stylish jewelry as a vitalelement of the fashion. Any kind of accessories like ring, bracelets, necklaces and earrings are always a center of attraction from both sexes. Best designer working for famous houses annually present to us creative and incredibly beautiful and smart pieces of art work like BvlgariSerpenti. Those accents are catchy and memorable as they underline your uniqueness and play an important role in your image eclipsing even bags, shoes and glasses)!

It is believed that best friends of woman are diamonds. I wish all men would be able to afford those little shiny stones to their women. However, nowadays there is no need to go for very expensive accessories.Especially since the collections of the new fashion year offer the widest choice of elegant and grunge rings, earrings, thematic and/or ethnic necklaces and bracelets, sparkling brooches and royal tiaras. I will explain you how to choose the fashionable noveltiesfor your jewel-box in 2018.

Crystals and semiprecious stones are becoming of a high values and fashion due do the designers that came to the conclusion that there is never too much of brilliance and shine. The recent trend is that rhinestones should cover nearly every inch of the rings, earrings, necklaces and that is represented by the Elisabetta Franchi, Osman and Jeremy Scottcollections. Recently the first place from the natural stones is given to the rock crystal. The leadership was taken from topaz, lazurite, amethyst and malachite stones. For instance, Chanel house used this transparent stone enclosing it in a discreet silvery frame.  For the lovers of jewelry from natural stones I suggest to read more about this topic since you can choose beautiful decoration along with finding the type of stone that responds to your soul. Let it bring you harmony, prosperity and well-being!

Bundles of chains the trend is represented best by the last shows of Valentino and Balenciaga. Thejewelry in the form of chains, made in anchor or fancy weaving style catches ones attention from the first sight. Alexander Wang, Leonard, Marc Jacobs and Moschino adhere to a more elegant direction by offering charming ornaments of ligatures on thin chains decorated with pendants in the form of leaflets, hearts, birds and/or asterisks. Another popular type is a metal pendant in the art deco style, hung on a long chain, which should reach almost to the waist.

Retro-pearls are gorgeous and in the trend again! Admirers of retro can again wear long pearl threads, elegant stud earrings and rings with pearls.Nevertheless, such brevity is rare and in 2018, designers preferred to somewhat shade the soft pearls of mother-of-pearl with a metallic sheen.  Therefore the pearls of Chanel are combined with metal chainson which are hung small decorative pendants.

Metal ornaments of golden, platinum and silver shades are one of the favorites of the fashionable year.Polished metal rings have become the highlights of the Gucci, Roberto Cavalli, Alexander McQueen, Cushnieet Ochs shows. As well as Marques’ Almeida and Versace have offered women of fashion a wide selection of earrings in the form of volumetric rings and openwork ligaments of metal parts.

Accent details this year the love for posing led to the creation of very non-standard products. For example, Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, Versace, Balmainand Kenzo offer to wear truly royal necklace-collars, fur and metal necklaces and chokers. However, the most striking trend in 2018 – massive beads of plastic, stones or metal, which incredibly emphasize the fragility of the female neck. Nevertheless even thoughstylists insist on the rule of one accent – massive necklaces, earrings or pendants should be supplemented with weightless decorations.

In addition to all of the above, neat and delicate jewelry in the form of small pendants are still in fashion and will undoubtedly decorate your neckline.
I would also like to mention about chokers from velvet. They are no longer the trend of the season. However if you find a choker as a thin leather strip with sparkling letters forming a slogan on it – you will definitely be accounted as an advanced women of fashion. In the selection of color, there is one important rule: decorations should either harmonize with the color of clothes or stand out in a monochrome image.

For those, who prefer precious jewelry and wear only gold and silver, I would advise to pay attention to the following trends:

Silverware is still more popular than gold. Designers of jewelry houses are so fond of soft silver luster that they made an incredible amount of elegant jewelry. Particular attention should be paid to the trendy combination of silver with rock crystal or pearls;

Large silver necklaces should look easy, so give preference to delicate lace collars or ornaments made of hollow rings or dynamically suspended plates;

Gold items should not emphasize your age and give solidity, so that in the gold segment the frivolity ruled the ball. Bvlgari offers in the last collections necklaces, rings and bracelets decorated with candies, balloons, ice cream, bees, berries, fruits and even vegetables made of gold and precious stones;

Status and large decorations will make you the queen of a social event, complemented by stones in cabochon cut. The “sugarloaf” style deprives the stones of their natural shine, but at the same time fills with such an attractive mystical flicker that it is impossible to look away from them.

The world of jewelry is delicious and beautiful. These little things we choose with our hearts, notalways understanding that despite the fact what jewelry is in fashion, are actually created for a specific purpose. Therefore, when buying precious jewelry you should rely not only on what is now in vogue, but also exercise prudence: taste is always more important than money. I hope that you will like the article and share it with your friends. As well ask which jewelry your friends use and why? Be in trend, beautiful, happy and stylish!

Thanks for reading me 5 useful advices on how to choose the jewelry