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28 Dec

What to wear for the New Year’s Eve 2019?

What to wear for the New Year’s Eve 2019?

Dear Reader,

For some of you 2018 was a year of success, others met difficulties and obstacles or maybe have not even noticed how it passed. I would like to congratulate you with the end of 2018 and to thank you for supporting and reading me. Now, is the right time to take a break from the work and make a detailed analysis of achieved goals as well as make plans and targets for the next year!

For me, 2018 has been productive and busy year and I am happy to announce that I will be launching new online program “Personal Shopper” in January 2019 for you! In addition, I also do “Live Shopping” with you – all the detailed information will be e-mailed to you upon request I will be also surprising you with new projects, trainings, consultations and master classes aimed to help you to find yourself in the world of fashion and style.

Moreover, today I would like to talk about the most recent issue – what to wear for the New Year’s Eve in order to look stylish and remarkable?  This question has been probably in your mind for a month now and for those who still in search here is the quick solution from me.

First of all we need to understand where you are planning to meet the New Year. This is the base of your look and it should be appropriate to the situation and place. For instance the attire in-home varies from the corporate or closed party look. Well, let’s see what the fashion world has to offer.

Sequin – is the recent fashion trend that tells us to shine! On the New Years Eve and holidays in any setting would be a great choice. It can be the whole dress or partially, pantsuit embroidered with sequin details and/or ornaments. In case you want to be modest I would recommend adding accessories like handbag and/or shoes decorated with sequins. In any case you will look bright and stylish with sequins.

For those, who like rich and luxurious look, I would recommend – velvet of bright colors. Velvet dress of green or Bordeaux colors will be irresistible and fashionable for the New Year’s Eve!  

Long and midi skirts made from silk combined with crop tops and sconces will give a stunning and relaxed image for those, who want to be noticed and feel comfortable at the party. For the nightclub lovers – sequin leggings combined with again crop tops and scones will give you ease and shine that is required for this ambiance.

For those, who consider themselves extraordinary I would recommend dress with ostrich feathers as a part of bottom or finishing for the New Years Celebration. This elegant image will give you a look of a Goddess!

Since the upcoming 2019 is the Year of Earth Pig/Boar, I would suggest natural colors like brown, yellow, terracotta, orange, beige, various shades of coffee, golden colors. However, due to the fact that Chinese New Year will come at the end of January – beginning of February, I would suggest wearing anything you like and want to meet 2019! Please, keep in mind that we are creating the atmosphere, so the mood is the core of the success! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Thanks for reading me

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