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16 Sep

Coco Chanel: Part II

Dear Readers,

I am truly inspired and amazed by the story and strong persona of Coco Chanel and I would like to share more with you. I believe that it is important to learn from the experience and knowledge especially of incredible leaders, who vividly influenced many peoples’ lives and managed to open the new horizons of understanding and perceiving.

One of the interesting facts of Mademoiselle Coco Chanel life is that she did not allow accidental people to enter her private space. The main rule was to avoid the people, who as she felt or thought disliked her. That is why she had nearly no accidental events or outsiders in her life. However, she had friends like Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, Stravinsky, Diaghilev, who forever influenced her life and work and vice versa.

Moreover, the main “Guru” for Coco was the love and her lovers were the universities. Through the invisible channels of love, without interruption, she “pumped” the knowledge and skills of her men into herself. They are – Poet Pierre Reverdy, who anticipated Eluard; Paul Irib – cartoonist, politician, and publisher, Duke of Westminster, the richest man in the world – Grand Duke Dmitry. Each of them had a great personality, money, and power. Coco, as a true woman was acting flexibly as a tracing-paper or a copier and would look up to them. Her learning experience included: horse riding, sipping oysters, playing tennis, hunting for foxes and boars, fishing, publishing newspapers and she has learned it from her men in perfection. On the other hand, each of them has brought something of their own into Coco’s life with the result in influence on women’s fashion and in other beginnings and projects of Coco. She was neither a chemist nor a perfumer. However, Prince Dmitry introduced her to the outstanding specialist Ernest Bo – the son of an employee of the Russian royal court. Mr. Bo presented Chanel his unique perfume knowledge. However, he noted that Coco was fully involved in the process by sniffing and choosing the ingredients. She was co-creator of the “Chanel No. 5” formula that consists of 80 ingredients. Restraint, geometric shapes, cleanliness of the lines of the bottle and packaging – at that time, Coco Chanel’s wishes were quite avant-garde. The legend of this unique fragrance was finally established in 1952, when Marilyn Monroe when asked by one of the journalists, answered that she puts only a few drops of Chanel №5 only when going to sleep. For the first time, not specifically floral and quickly disappearing smell, but an abstract and persistent fragrance, that still conquers the world was created.

Moreover, independence was the core principle and her life axiom. With the first lover Coco has discovered the freedom that money give when you do not serve them, and instead, they serve you. She paid for her friend’s luxurious life and covered their debts. It was a pleasure and a healing ritual to pay for others that way she wanted to forget the period when people paid for her. Colossal profits and followed prosperity served as the drive of change and she has gained confidence and won over the shyness of speaking in public.

In addition, it was proclaimed by Coco that external beauty of a woman is a part of her success and stated that otherwise, it is impossible to convince anyone of anything. The older the lady, the more important it is for her to be beautiful. Chanel said: “In 20 years your face is given to you by nature, in 30 – it is shaped by life and at 50 you must earn it yourself … However, nothing looks more ridiculous as the desire to be young, when you are not.” After 50 no one is young.
Nevertheless, she believed and knew that 50-year-old woman can be more attractive than poorly-groomed young women. Chanel herself looked like an eternal radiant teenager, who weighed all her life as she was 20. In addition, she gave women not only a new style but also a new extraordinary face that embodied the era – “the muzzle of a rebellious orphan with the grace of a deer.” With the frequency of two to three times in a century non-standard types of people, like Gabriel appear. They suddenly overshadow the recognized perception of beauty and introduce another standard of magnificence.

Mademoiselle Coco Chanel called fashion not an art, but a craft. It can be said with certainty that her main and the greatest achievement was her own life, which continues to serve as an inspiration for us and the whole generation of designers and artists. Be happy, be CHANEL!

Thanks for reading me