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3 Dec

New Teddy bag by BA & SH and Juliette Longuet

New Teddy bag by BA & SH  and Juliette Longuet

Dear Reader,

As the festival time approaches the end of the 2019 year, there are many wonderful events taking place around our planet. Today, I would like to share one more wonderful story of cooperation that I was honored to witness right after Naomi’s’ Campbell party. Two remarkable events at one day were not too much, due to the location in the same city – London.

Ba & Sh  ( ) celebrated the launch of their new Teddy bag! That was organized by my beloved colleague and friend – Juliette Longuet ( ). She is a specialist in brand awareness within the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle and luxury industry. This gorgeous woman, proactive entrepreneur and fashion lover bring many wonderful ideas to life. I am truly thankful to you for inviting me to this magnificent celebration of success.

For those, who do not know: the abbreviation Ba & Sh derived from the owners’ name Barbara Boccara & Sharon Krief, who shared their love for fashion in cooperation. The idea behind their unity is to bring their dream wardrobe to life so that they could share it with other women. The positioning of the brand: truly made by women for women.  Today, the make is well-known and you can find it in more than 400 stores around the world. The competitive advantage of the ba&sh is that its style remains distinctly Parisian, joining an expression of freedom with an easy and joyful elegance. It is simple to recognize a woman in a ba&sh dress… How, why, what is the key? – The happiness of the woman wearing it).

Moreover, one of the vital accessories of any woman equally to shoes is indeed the bag. A teddy bag created by Ba & Sh is considered as the must-have companion for women. Its well-rounded exterior and the well-thought interior have great value for globetrotters like me. Practical and elegant, this saddle bag is rich with artisanal details including the hand-made braids which add bohemian chic emblematic of the ba&sh house. You’ll also note the signature embossed diamond on the bags.  Handcrafted in Italy with love and ethics using traditional technics, it is very sustainable. I personally love this bag and highly recommend buying it for yourself or as a present for your loved ones. This accessory will serve you a long and happy life!

Thanks for reading me


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