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Nizuc Resort and Spa








Truly a stunning Destination Resort! Cancun may be a destination but once you arrive at Nizuc you know you have reached an all together unique and independent destination of it’s own.
The atmosphere via the unique architecture, 100+ pools of water and delightful staff is remarkable! Explore the property and you will find many unique aspects and places that create experiences… A great independent hotel!
Loved it! Hope to return soon on vacation…



Strolling on a Sandy Beach

Wearing OYE Swimwear and walking long distances in sand.

For a short stroll down the beach bare feet are fine.

Walking too far in sand in bare feet can result in shin splints or a sore tendon in your heel(so better put your shoes on)

So you could trek across a desert but given a choice most of us would choose to stroll on a beach. In fact many of us would choose to spend our time walking on beaches even if there were no health benefits especially with a such view !

Don’t forget that one of the many benefits of beach walking is that walking is relaxing so don’t forget to stop and pick up a pretty shell, look for porpoises playing in the surf, and notice the always changing colors of the water and the sky.

Spending time on the beach to enjoy the wild nature and crystal clear Caribbean water.

I am wearing the swimwear : OYE


Oversized Sweater and light shorts

There’s no denying the comfort of a loose-fitting sweatshirt, and when it’s getting a bit windy, it can be an ideal top to help keep you warm. However, an outfit with a baggy sweatshirt can quickly look sloppy and shapeless if you don’t style it properly. Instead of swapping cutely for comfortable, get the best of both worlds by pairing the right sweatshirt with the right pieces.
When you’re wearing a loose-fitting top, it’s important to balance your outfit by choosing pants that have a slim fit. Skinny jeans are an ideal option with an oversized sweatshirt. They match the casual look of your top but have a snug fit so you don’t look too bulky. If your sweatshirt is long and loose, you can also pair it with comfortable leggings — just make sure that the top is long enough to cover your backside. Pair your sweatshirt and jeans or leggings with tennis shoes, ballet flats or boots for a low-key outfit that’s ideal for weekends. Here it’s too hot so my look for this evening is even cooler and casual relaxed by wearing light shorts and no shoes just walked out … and enjoy the view!!!
Vacation is made for us to do nothing than relax … so let’s enjoy every moment of it)

2015.02.12_Travel_Oversized sweater_03



2015.02.12_Travel_Oversized sweater_01


2015.02.12_Travel_Oversized sweater_01-2

I am wearing shorts Onda de Mar and sweater CythiaRowley


Resort Wear Style Beach in Blue…

World famous for white sand beaches and crystal-clear water, Caribbean Island….

If you’ve ever were taken a cruise, you know that the farther offshore you sail, the deeper and bolder the blue becomes (navy blue). That’s because there are no reflections off the sea floor in very deep water, meaning that a majority of the sun’s rays are absorbed by the water itself. Water molecules, by nature, absorb reds, greens, oranges, and yellows, but spit out blue.

“When sunlight hits the ocean, some of the light is reflected back directly but most of it penetrates the ocean surface and interacts with the water molecules that it encounters,” explains NASA’s Oceanography Division. “The red, orange, yellow, and green wavelengths of light are absorbed so that the remaining light we see is composed of the shorter wavelength blues and violets.”

2015.02.11_Travel_White Sand_01-4

2015.02.11_Travel_White Sand_01

Herve Leger

As you can see guys I am on vacations) Caribbean could warm me up after freezing New York! It is been a while I did not wear Herve Leger dresses .. have them almost in all colors but had an over dose as so many people were wearing it… Packing … what to wear… reading the magazine … fashion week in New York… We love looking at celebrities in Herve Leger. It gives us a great idea of how the dresses fit on different body types. And, it’s just PURE FUN to …try it on again wearing on vacations and take pictures )
You have probably noticed Hollywood’s endless obsession with bandage dresses. The most famous fashion brand for these body-flattering items is doubtlessly a French fashion house Herve Leger. Herve Leger was a huge fashion hit in ’80s because it created body-con dresses. Their breathtaking designs are so addictive that you’ll never choose another brand once you wear a fabulous Leger dress. Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Love Hewitt, they have plenty of HL in their closets.

One of the hottest women in the world, Jennifer Lopez, looks stunning in every single Herve Leger dress she owns. As you can see below, a Herve Leger dress can be matched with pumps and lots of glamorous accessories, but you can also wear it with knee boots. There are no fashion rules for what you should and shouldn’t wear it with: Herve Leger dresses are elegant and feminine, so you should find some sexy heels and matching accessories.

Herve Leger knows how to design for women’s bodies. This dress plays up every curve. It’s very va-va-voom. I felt very sexy wearing, but it’s still looks and feels classy. The fabric is thick and holds you in. The color is PERFECT! It’s a real standout. The dress looks and feels expensive, not cheap or tacky. I received compliments all night long from both men and women, young and old, about how amazing I looked. I ordered both the XSmall and Small but ended up wearing the X Small and I’m glad I did because the bust stretches out through the night and the Small would have been way too large a few hours into my evening. No bra needed with that dress. It was such a hit and I loved again. I would wear these dresses more often now. LOVED IT!!!

2015.02.09_Travel_herve leger_04


2015.02.09_Travel_herve leger_03


2015.02.09_Travel_herve leger_02

Motcomb Street-the mix of Fashion, Food and Beauty Brands


































Motcomb Street is a stop you must make while in London.

In the past the street would close for private parties… This is no longer the case.
The most fabulous place for cakes is The Bakery Store! It has the most delicious treats.

The flower shops along this street are wonderful and you can actually smell the roses from outside the shops!

There are so many great restaurants to stop for lunch before going shopping at Harrods ; )


Jogging Suit












New Year in Moscow

This New Year is special as I have recently launched my Lenlenstyle blog! I hope this year to share a lot of interesting pictures, ideas and moments! I want to thank all of my friends and you for your comments of support and interest in my Lenlenstyle blog! You mean so much to me and thanks to you I have a new ideas and places to share! I would like to give a special thank you to my photographer Sabina Vishnevska for all her work. She did so much in such a short time.

Everyone has different traditions for New Years; I always spend New Year’s with my family and loved ones. It’s an important time for me. We turn the calendar and begin the New Year which means new goals, achievements and dreams. This why I love to be with my family spending time around the table sharing memories and our dreams for the New Year together!

I am spending New Year’s in my hometown that’s covered with snow! I want to share my holiday pictures with you…and wish you all happiness, joy, health and love!

We have a lot of ideas for the New Year to make your life easier… As I always say; life is easier when you know where to shop. Life is more beautiful when you are beautiful!

Love you guys and wishing you only the best!



























Geneva is my second home. I came for boarding school and lived here until I left for University… The best part of Geneva is that Paris is not far)

Geneva is the center of Europe. Everything is next to it so it’s very practical to live here. The nature is amazing and I can easily travel by car and enjoy the beauty.

Geneva has fantastic hotels, restaurants and night clubs! There is so much happening all the time such as conferences, Christie’s and Sotheby’s auctions as well as UN meetings. The most prestige’s boarding schools are located next to Geneva…in Lausanne, Rolle and Villars.

We truly have it all here…the reason I left Geneva was that I needed a new vibe and that’s how I ended up in NYC. Everything depends on what we are searching for during certain phases of our lives. We need and want different things and grow in many directions.

No matter what I always like to come here and walk next to the beautiful Geneva Lake. This is where I have some of my best memories and friends who I always miss…


14.12.29_Travel_the lake_02



14.12.29_Travel_the lake_03



14.12.29_Travel_the lake_04







Fur long coat



Ali Express 


Tory Burch













The Gstaad ski resorts located in the Gstaad Saanenland region which is in Bernese Oberland. This is the East side of Lake Geneva. As I have spent most of my life in Geneva, I always make a trip to Gstaad for skiing. It’s a well known ski resort for jet setter’s and many Hollywood stars have Chalets here. Most of the jet setter’s come to the Palace Hotel and party at GreenGo. The best memories from my school years are from here during the winter, it was the place to be. The Park Hotel is also beautiful but is more calm and relaxing.

Two years ago a new hotel opened…The Alpina Gstaad Hotel. It’s a luxury boutique hotel that has only 56 rooms and suites which uniquely embody the Swiss style. The service is amazing and the rooms are beautiful which make you feel like you are at home. There is a spa with salt room therapy and outdoor and indoor swimming pools. During the ski season you are able to book the extreme winter package. This includes Heli-skiing with an experienced local guide and a glacier adventure with a picnic. You are able to book treatments any time of the year even if you are not skiing. There is an abundance of specials treatments at Alpina such as the detox, anti-aging and goodnight retreat.

The restaurants are fabulous! The Japanese restaurant Megu and gastronomic restaurant Sommet are two of my favorites. Alpina lounge and bar is a great place for drinks and for cigar lovers there is a cigar lounge. The Swiss Stubli restaurant has an alpine spirit and is a perfect place to enjoy traditional Swiss fare such a raclette or fondue. A detox delight menu can also be found at the Alpina Gstaad for improving your health and well-being.

Basically you have everything in one place. One more aspect that I love is you can easily bring the kids; there are plenty of activities for them. This is also a great romantic getaway for you and your honey. On this trip there was no snow for me…but I still enjoyed the Alpine Air and great shopping choices.

































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Yves Salomon



Ali Express

Long Sneakers


Rakuten Global Market

Ali Express









Rebecca Minkoff






Multicolor furs

2014.12.22_Everyday_Multicolor furs_01


2014.12.22_Everyday_Multicolor furs_03



This is a very special fur coat. With it, you don’t have to dress amazingly, it is already pretty by itself! You can put a pajama or some joggings underneath and wear some high healled shoes to look very pretty. Dress and go!