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21 Jul

3 days in saint peterburg

3 days in saint peterburg

Three days make a perfect weekend in St.Peterburg, giving you enough time to visit major attraction and even travel outside the city . Will share with you my experience to enjoy not only the city’s most sights, but also some of the hidden gems nestled in the “North Venice”

Day 1

State Hermitage Museum and Winter Palace

Even if you had only one day in St. Petersburg, you simply must not miss the State Hermitage Museum. Started when Empress Catherine the Great purchased 255 paintings from Berlin in 1764, the collection now contains more than 2,7 million pieces, include many works that Catherine bought in Europe her French art adviser, Denis Diderot.


The General Staff building.

A welcome addition to the Hermitage Museum, the General Staff Building showcases an interesting collection of modern art. The inner courtyard, covered with a glass of roof, is also blockbuster setting for a souvenir photo shoots.


Faberge Museum

This magnificent museum has the distinctions of being Russia’s first privately owned museum and of holding one of the foremost collections of Faberge in the world. The famed Imperial Eggs, designed by jeweler to the tsars Carl Faberge, were scattered around the world after the 1918 revolution, and now the Faberge Museum plays another significant role in history: repatriating Russia’s national art and bringing treasures — including several Faberge eggs, as well as items by Fyodor Rückert and others — back to Russia. In addition to the unique collection, the Faberge Museum’s interior decor is impressive — it’s a great museum in which to feel nostalgic about the age of the last Romanovs.




State Russian Museum

This former palace of Emperor Pavel’s son, the great Prince Mikhail Pavlovich, now holds an impressive collection of Russian art, which is considered to be one of the most important in the world. Originally the collection was amassed by the imperial family, with some of its major pieces coming through The Academy of Arts.

The State Russian Museum


Day 2

Grand Palace
Peterhof, and its Grand Palace, is a worthy and iconic tourist attraction — famous especially for its Grand Cascade of fountains. But I would pay particular attention to the smaller palaces that Peter the Great commissioned at his ‘Russian Versailles.’ Among my favorites are ‘Mon Plaisir’ and ‘The Hermitage Pavilion,’ where the table was lifted through the floor to amuse important guests.




Museum of Peter I Palace in Strelna
This very modest house (barely a palace really), once served as home to Peter The Great. The museum has a very homey feel to it, and its displays provide an interesting insight into Peter’s everyday life.


The National Congress Palace

The National Congress Palace was once the private residence of the great Prince Konstantin, who abdicated in favor of his brother Nikolay I. Today, it is owned by the Presidential Administration. Don’t miss the chance to see the entire art collection of Rostropovich and Vishnevskaya, which was bought at auction and granted to the palace in 2008


Day 3
Vladimir Nabokov Museum
The Vladimir Nabokov Museum occupies the ground floor of the building where the writer himself lived for many years. Among its authentic historical interiors are a dining room, a family room, and a library. The place is magical, and its atmosphere transports you straight back to the era of Nabokov’s life.


Dostoevsky Museum
Through his works, Dostoevsky created the predominant public image of the city: depressing and dangerous in places, and cold and arrogant towards the ordinary man. That image is still commonly held today, and the Dostoevsky Museum sheds light on the author’s inspiration, for both the atmosphere and the characters he created.

Pushkin's House, St Petersburg

Forgot to mention when we are staying out late need to check St. Petersburg schedule before returning to your St. Petersburg


Did not catch a timing of a white nights in St Petersburg so hopefully next year))

Here is a website where you can choose a restaurant from Ginza group which i tried and was happy )

There are a lot of Famous Orthodox Cathedrals and Churches of St.Petersburg, its a great pleasure to take picture of churches, your soul gets so much lighter…


Thank you for reading me