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17 May

Reflection of colors in our lives or What is nonverbal communication?

We believe that we live in the world of numerous colors. In reality, the existence of only 5 basic colors produces that uncountable amount of reflections and shades in the form of spectrum. For example, the sunrise reflection on water or any kind of prism, projects in 7 colors, known as the rainbow. They are: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Today, I want to talk about the meaning of colors and how they can influence our lives. Psychological manipulation of colors may result in mood improvement and by translating the secret message to the world it also nonverbally affects other people. In addition, knowing how to skillfully choose the colors will create the desired individual image and benefit your style.

I have noticed that every color has its own power. Some colors of materials, textures, ornaments, jewelry and accessories attract attention, contradictory the others push away. I believe that various factors can influence our color perception. They are social status, age, territorial factor, individual psychological aspects, etc. The art is to select colors; I usually stick to simple rule – no more than 3 basic colors, and match everything together in order to find the perfect combination to express myself. Knowing the meaning of the colors will give you the power to manage the first impression, that believed is difficult to change and will create the desired image.

So red: is the color of blood and heart represents passion and dynamics. I chose red when I want to be noticed, in the center of attention. However the shades of the red also play an important role. When I want to get acquainted with someone and leave a positive impression on others, I chose light warm shades of red. Since saturated red can be seen as authoritariancolor that psychologically suppresses the opponent. Hot-tempered (choleric) person type loves this color. Geographically, in the majority of Asian countries itsymbolizes marriage, happiness and prosperity. It brings more importance and authority to the person, who wears it. A little touch of red will help to underline the bravery and activeness of the character. Add it to your life if you are lacking curiosity and enthusiasm.

Orange: is the color of joy happiness and it’s a known fruit. It forms the sense of prosperity and positive attitude, gives energy and increases mood. It was discovered by scientists that long visualization of orange color can be accounted as daily vitamin C doze. However this color is not recommended to use in business, exception is creative industries and related work. It represents first-draft, inspiration, uniqueness and proactive approach. Orange can also contribute to rise in appétit. In the interior it creates comfort and friendliness. This color is seen from far and that is why used in by road workers. I would recommend wearingorange if you want to increase your mood.

Yellow: as orange associated with the color of sun and joy.  Being a very bright color it always attracts others’ attention. In the rainy day it would be a great idea to wear yellow cloth since it will raise your mood and benefit others. Yellow along with orange are the sanguine features. It symbolizes intellect and light of rays. In combination with black can be a sign on danger alike the ornament of the majority of the poisonous insects. In Japan, from where I just came from, it is symbol of courage. Yellow brings changes, dynamic tendency and brings a wave of relaxation. It is also the humor sign as all emoji are yellow. Physiologically it speeds up the metabolism and it the 1st color that is absorbed by the human eyes; visually it is brighter and has more volume than white. Yellow is good for those, who are insecure in themselves. As a detail, it is believed to increase vivacity, higher the level of concentration and to improve memory. Violet and yellow colors are known to be mystical combination.

Green: visually the most comfortable color. Green takes away the fatigue and enhances the stamina. Natural power accumulation, the color of stability and wellness is usually chosen by bankers. Dark-green men suite is a sign of the conservatism, contrary the little accent on the tie gives the impression of you as persistent person.  Light-green is the symbol of youth, easiness and thoughtlessness. In Islam greenis associated with heaven, symbol of will and self-esteem. Inaddition, green helps to reduce feelings like jealousy, envy and avarice.

Blue/Indigo: color that is nonverbally associated with trust, reliability, thoughtfulness and integrity. This is the color of authority and the indigo suit is the dress code item of the official events for men. Blue brings peace and balance and symbolizes conservatism. I would recommend blue cloth for those who want to decrease anxiety and worries. Phlegmatic tempered people usually like this color. Blue with white is ideal for career-driven personalities. This combination develops flexibility and ability to adopt. Blue is essential to restore the balance in life. It also the color of wisdom and the most popular corporate color. The blue cloth attracts trust and loyalty and relaxes the processes in organism.

Violet: is the color of spirituality and luxury. In the ancient times that was the most expensive colorant since it was rare in the nature.  So that only King Families could afford to have violet cloth. From that time violet is the symbol of royalty and respectfulness. It can also broaden imagination of creative people.

Every day is a new day and I love the change by playing with the colors, shades and accessories. Decorating your Persona will help the creation of needed image and reach the targeted aim. However keep in mind that the most precious thing is actually who you are and cloth just a tool that will help you to explore yourself and show to the world.

Thanks for reading me