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4 Nov

Personal Shopper Service for You!

Personal Shopper Service for You!

Dear Reader,

Recently on the plane from Moscow to London, I had a wonderful conversation with the young woman, who really admired my style. I started talking to her and explained how to build a base wardrobe, how to match various types of clothes to her figure and skin color. She was like a sponge saturating the water listening very attentive and writing the key concepts. In the end, I have asked her what stops her from making a change of her wardrobe and that what she has replied. “My life consists of mainly work and I really do not have time, energy, patience and courage for change. That is why I mainly stick with classic black and white clothes.” I was really disappointed and it made me think for a long time about what can I do to help and I came with the solution for those, who really desire to find their own style and do not have time, patience or just need someone to motivate them – I am happy to offer You my service as a Personal Shopper!

As a personal shopper, I will be going with you to shops. You will receive personal pieces of advice and suggestions on what and where to buy. Shopping with me is much more than just buying materialistic things we will be going for the journey of emotional and new experience of finding yourself. As a fashion lover, blogger & stylist I am really inspired to help You to find your own personal style!

My PSS (personal shopper service) has no limits and no borders! If you have a desire to make shopping in London, Paris, Tokyo, Milan, New York, Moscow or anywhere around the globe – together with me and my team we will develop a personalized route of shops, boutiques, showrooms, outlets and factories that individually meet your interests. We will base the shopping experience on the unique characteristics of yours. Such as wishes, type of figure, living conditions, character, habits, budget, things that already exist in your wardrobe will be joint with recent fashion trends. I will teach you the art of dressing up instead of blindly following the fashion.

There are 3 main reasons why you need Lennlenstyle personal shopper service (PSS): it saves time; fulfills the desire of making shopping enjoyable and comfortable, and as the result, you will look stylish and modern. Be happy, be beautiful, and be YOU!

For more information & arrangements please contact me:

Thanks for reading me

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