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13 Dec

Fragrance, how to choose the right one for you

Fragrance, how to choose the right one for you

7J5A5351Finding the right fragrance for yourself which will suit you and your personality is imperative. I have met a handful of people in my life whose scent has remained the same for such a long time that it has become a part of their essence. Also I associate people by their smells . My mom, boyfriends, teachers and friends. Our goal is always to find the one that is right for us, but there are too many signature perfumes on the market and something new always comes out. I love perfumes, but lately I started to use the same one most of the time, before I was choosing the smell by my mood, the time of the day, the activities I was doing and by the weather (humid, hot, cold temperature) the conditions strengthen the scent…

I also realize that everyone has their own unique scent. So when you use exactly the  same perfume your friend does, the fragrance on you becomes different from the fragrance on your friend . Buying a perfume someone else uses is the worst! We need a smell that suits us as an individual.

A fact that everyone should consider is to never choose a scent that is too strong.  This is not appealing.

After so many years of chasing smells and buying different type of fragrances, I want to share my opinion with you. I have also given this advice to my friends and loved ones.

I am so happy to share my selection with you :

MY favorite one is by Lacome Mile et UNE ROSES its very hard to find as they don’t sell it everywhere but in paris they do (night or winter) based on rose and amber

Climat by Lacome is the smell which reminds me of my mom when I was small .Top notes are violet, peach, jasmine, lily-of -the valley, bergamot, rose and narcissus. During the winter this smell is truly amazing

Peut-Etre by Lancome is the description from the love story ….. the moment is electric. Something important is going to happen… peut-etre… translation perhaps . Smell of rose, lily and linden blossom .

Ciel by Amouage which is an exclusive smell and is perfect for the winter as for summer its a bit strong

Winter number one for me is by Serge Lutens Fumerie Turque it’s a very strong smell but in the cold weather the smell turns and activates to a exclusive sense

Peace by Bond no 9 is a fantastic smell for every day and especially summer, how we say in french “Ca pass-partout” as well as Central Park , full of flowers most of roses.

Very exclusive Bouquet Ideal Casamorati Xerjoff Vintage.  I always buy it at the exclusive perfume shop in NICE, France.

Clive Christian X perfect during the day and C is for a night time or winter.

Apple Brandy by Kilian was made only for New York and Moscow the name says it itself the best choice for party. This is classic.

Life Threads Ruby by La Prairie is ideal for any occasion.

The MOST EXCLUSIVE one I got was at Harrods, at the top floor for the exclusive perfumes, they were selling it in a large bottle no name as the price was very high.  They were letting customers name the fragrance of your own choice, and would write it in the book. I named it after my daughter Katarina so it will always remain THE SMELL for me. If I want to describe it, it’s a mixture of roses, amber and jasmine. The art of applying this perfume is by very small amounts so that it’s not to strong to smell.

BYREDO perfumes is a woody spicy fragrance which we can use for woman and men Bullion, the one I just love from BYREDO Blanche (White), which is perfect for the summer and with a note of White Rose, Pink Pepper and Aldehyde.

I always apply perfume on my skin before I dress, to warm it with my skin and transmit the smell of the fragrance on me.





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