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Burning man
3 Sep

What is a BURNING MAN?

What is a BURNING MAN?

Dear Reader,

Happy autumn! I hope that you all have enjoyed this summer as much as I did. The golden time of harvest is approaching us and we have 4 more months ahead to get things we have planned done.

So today, I would like to talk about the mysterious event that I have never been at, but many of my friends are going there on a regular basis. Celebrities like Marc Zuckerberg, Mack, Paris Hilton, dozens of Silicon Valley millionaires and even this year one of the Russian most popular public figures @irina-hakamada spent 10 days of their life enjoying the freedom of festival from “parallel universe” on the Planet Earth. So what is that event about and why its popularity is becoming ascending and desired globally? Let’s dive together to discover the secret of @Burning Man success!

“Burning Man and created Black Rock City —the annual event in the Nevada desert that has been described as an experiment in community and art—has spawned, if not a philosophy and practice, a worldview and movement.” Today, it is a huge open-air event annually held in the United States of America in the state of Nevada in the dessert. The duration is 10 days and it takes place at the end of August till the first days of September, when the culmination occurs and the artificially created “Man” gets burnt. As to mission of this event Caveat Magister, who wrote a book that I would highly recommend you to read “The Scene That Became Cities”, gives the simple answer: Burning Man’s philosophy can help us build better communities in which individuals’ freedom to follow their own authentic passions also brings them together in common purpose. Burning Man is a prototype, and its philosophy is a how-to manual for better communities, that, instead of rules, offer principles.

Well due to the absence of BM official definition and freedom of thoughts, below you will find what I have discovered. In order to become one of the 70 000 diverse, naked and oddly dressed people gathered in the middle of the desert with the aim to find themselves – you will need to purchase the ticket (starts from $500 and usually sold in hours at a particular day and time). Moreover, you will need to organize your stay – getting a visa in case you need one is the easiest, renting a special, van, food, dresses, water, etc. Just for you to know in the dessert the temperature amplitude is enormous and varies from extremely hot during the day to minus like in Russian winter, during the night. For a little more than a week you, as a lucky self-explorer, you will become a part of this fascinating movement along with constant variety of non-stop music, orgy domes for couples only, and other experimental stations, rampant parties with or w/o drugs (in case you are looking for them), networking opportunities with big companies, performances & art, interesting meets and conversations and other formats of self-expression. What is great that there are NO headliners, VIP areas, money, mobile connection, and the only reliable transportation is a bicycle and I would highly suggest taking an electric one.

However, what is interesting to know is that the founder of BM is Larry Harvey. He moved to San Francisco from his small farm from Portland, OR and discovered there fascinating underground art scenes. In 1986 he founded the Burning Man at a local beach and guided its progress from that moment until his death in 2018. Larry was Founding Board Member and Chief Philosophic Officer of Burning Man Project. He scripted and co-curated Burning Man’s annual art theme and collaborated with artists in creating aspects of the art theme and the design of Black Rock City. As the spokesperson for Burning Man, he was frequently interviewed by reporters, and lectured on subjects as diverse as art, religion, civic planning and the rise of cyber-culture in the era of the Internet.

Another amazing fact about Burning Man culture is that gifts are offered unconditionally (an application of the Principle of Radical Inclusion). I believe the founders tried to create a culture in which artists and creators are supported for their work. As well as they did succeed in it – the growth and popularity through the years is phenomenal and tends to become a genuinely mainstream cultural movement!

Moreover, in 2016, the nonprofit Burning Man Project purchased the 3,800 acres Fly Ranch property, which now serves as a year-round platform for Burning Man-inspired projects and ideas. The upcoming one is the 2030 Environmental Sustainability Roadmap. That is truly amazing.

Personally, for me, it is impossible to spend in a desert such a long time. I love comfort too much, maybe for a couple of days, I can do it. Moreover, I believe that there is no need to go to the dessert to discover who you are. Nevertheless, it is great fun and experience to be a part of the commune freedom, wake up in the dessert, dance whole night long, see the sunset and sunrise and so on. The freedom of being weird without judgment is the most precious for people, the freedom to be you! However, all good things come to an end and that what the flames of BM remind us of.  Everything in our life is temporary and it is vital to appreciate the things and people around us now – at this momentum. Since someday soon, it would likely be gone – love each other here and now!

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