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17 Feb

Strolling on a Sandy Beach

Wearing OYE Swimwear and walking long distances in sand.

For a short stroll down the beach bare feet are fine.

Walking too far in sand in bare feet can result in shin splints or a sore tendon in your heel(so better put your shoes on)

So you could trek across a desert but given a choice most of us would choose to stroll on a beach. In fact many of us would choose to spend our time walking on beaches even if there were no health benefits especially with a such view !

Don’t forget that one of the many benefits of beach walking is that walking is relaxing so don’t forget to stop and pick up a pretty shell, look for porpoises playing in the surf, and notice the always changing colors of the water and the sky.

Spending time on the beach to enjoy the wild nature and crystal clear Caribbean water.

I am wearing the swimwear : OYE