Paris fashion week

I’m an avid New Yorker and I have to admit that after too much time away from the city I start to miss the smell of street hotdogs; however, Paris comes as a close second as my favorite city to not only visit, but to live in. It’s hard to explain but Paris is intoxicating. Everything and everyone is full of life and that very feeling is heightened during Paris Fashion Week. Although stylists, bloggers, and fashionistas cross the globe to be here it is always easy to tell who is a local. Parisians have an effortless beauty about them that is visible by each step they take and each word they speak. This Paris Fashion Week I was lucky enough to go to an array of fashion shows and events however the two that truly stood out were Louis Vuitton and Chanel. Needless to say, the beauty of the design and the powerful struts of the models were heightened by knowing that each design that was sent down the runway was made in Paris.
The Chanel Show was unlike anything I’ve ever seen because although it is common for designers to pick a theme and capitalize on it, what Karl Lagerfeld did was far cleverer. The audience was greeted with an overwhelming sign that read, “Chanel Data Center”, and the entirety of the set was mechanical wires and electronic cables. Lagerfeld was able to create a beautiful dichotomy between our generation’s obsession with technology and the pure simplicity of how it operates versus the elegance and classic workmanship of his designs. The show was an ode to the past; with an overwhelming amount of classic Chanel tweed suits while also being a nod to the future. To the show, I chose to wear my black Chanel ankle-length lace stockings with a mixed fabric mini skirt and silk top; I accessorized with a statement necklace and my favorite round Chanel frames.
Nicholas Ghesquiere’s collection for Louis Vuitton was nothing short of genius. The designs were structured yet subtle and his mix of leather, lace, and silk showed his obvious talent and creativity. Many of the designs were inspired by the 80’s, yet the collection did not look dated. In fact, out of all the shows and clothes I saw during Paris Fashion Week I think that the Louis Vuitton collection was the most modern and wearable. I wanted every dress and was in awe of every pair of shoes that crossed the runway. And, the classic white and black configuration of the runway seemed to heighten the detail of the designs while providing a blank palate in between each piece that crossed the runway.
After all the fabulous events and delicious dinners I looked forward to coming back in the evening and falling into my plush bed at Hotel Plaza Athenee. Every night I was soothed by the glittering lights of the Eiffel Tower and every morning I was lucky enough to wakeup to the sun rising over the city: and not just any city, the city that’s hosts the most talented and beautiful people in the world, (or at least in Europe 😉 ).

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