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5 Aug

Mykonos – real Greek Olympus for everyone!

Happy Sunday, dear Readers,

After having a wonderful time at the beautiful French Riviera coast, for the last and the hottest month of the summer, I am traveling to the legendary summer resort, a small paradise of Greece Mykonos Island. This goddess place is popular especially now and is loved by its get-together love vibes and a relaxing atmosphere. Numerous beaches with open bars and famous DJ’s, a wide range of cultural (history and traditions), spiritual and architectural sightseeing make the island a desired entertainment place for diverse groups of people. College students, families and celebrities come here to celebrate the Greek summer. Luxury and simplicity joined here to welcome you to the heaven on the Earth. Mykonos is the place that certainly will meet you expectations disregarding who you are and what is your age!

Moreover the island, like all the places in Greece, has an interesting story. The name of the island comes from the grandson of Apollo – “Mykonos”. Based on the mythology assumption Mykonos was formed from the terrified bodies of giants that were killed by Hercules. Although the Cyclades are associated with high and steep mountains, the island of Mykonos is characterized by stony hills, which surprisingly have a harmonious look with the coast. So the guests of the resort can enjoy the scenery of amazing beauty, tenderness, and sensuality.

Today, along with Santorini, it is one of the most beautiful islands in Greece. Chora is the capital and administrative center. Here, the main port is located and entire harbor is filled with small fishing boats and luxury yachts. Therefore, the superiority of Mykonos is verified by the breathtaking contrasts, unusual style of settlements in the Aegean region, the perfect picture of aesthetic and complete architectural complex.

Mykonos is the place, where you can walk through small streets lined with white houses with stone benches, bright windows, doors, and even twisted balconies. In the Matogianni, the main shopping street, you will find everything from decorative tapestries, handmade clothes to unique pieces of jewelry – it is really a treasure trove. Numerous small refined churches, picturesque taverns, and small shops can be found here too. The island itself is strewn with bright vegetation in contrast with which white chapels and windmills – the symbol of Mykonos, look curiously attractive. Today, only 7 windmills remained on the island from 28. I would recommend you to visit the monastery of the Virgin Turlyani that is located in the village of Ano Mera. All the rooms are finished with carved wood here and the time remains still once you approach the bell marble tower. I love this hidden place of happiness, tranquility, and relaxation.

If you are a beach lover like me, you can find any white sand Paradise, Super Paradise or pebble beaches according to your preferences. If you favor relaxing and peace I would suggest you go to Panormos beach, which is located in the north of the island. Panormos is less developed than other beaches of Mykonos, but its calm beauty and picturesque surroundings smooth out all the shortcomings. Another good option is Elia beach – the longest shore on the island and it is not as crowded as beaches with parties. You can get to Elia by boat from Platis Gialos beach. Watersports, bars, sunbathes and/or enjoy the spectacular views of the ocean are the things to do here. Platis Gialos is located in the south of Mykonos, near the Chora, and is considered a family beach, near which you can find many good hotels. One of the advantages of this natural landmark of Mykonos is that it serves as a starting point for trips to other famous beaches. Along the coast, there are cozy Italian and Greek restaurants, as well as kiosks with takeaway dishes.

Travel to Mykonos is impossible to imagine without a stopover in the famous Paradise Beach, where the best parties with famous Dj’s are held. Those seeking both relaxation and fun will feel good here. Moreover, those who love nightlife, non-stop loud music and dance will find the Super Paradise Beach a perfect match. The name of this beach transparently hints the fact that the goal is to outshine Paradise Beach. If you aim to relax in peace, I would recommend skipping this beach.

A summer trip to Mykonos is almost the same as a winter trip to Switzerland – a holiday that has long become a tradition. Here, the pristine natural beauty and secular life of the Mediterranean are surprisingly combined. Nevertheless, enjoy the moment and have a great time no matter where you are!

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