We all know that Hamptons is the getaway for New Yorkers in the summer, but what is the Russian equivalent? The quaint town of Barvikha is several hours away from the bustling streets of Moscow and serves as a getaway to many of the Russian elite. And while it is a nice escape from the big city, you are sure to never get bored! In fact, one of my favorite stores is located in the heart of Barvikha. BarvikhaDream houses the latest designers with the best selection of clothing, and accessories to date. Although New York City is considered the fashion capital of the wolrd, I have yet to find a small boutique with such beautifully curated pieces as I have in BarvikhaDream. The store is lined with exceptional designers ranging from The Row to Nina Ricci and houses spunky and trendy brands such as Yazbukey, all in one vicinity. The all white décor, simply lined with black and white photographs leaves the clothes to talk for themselves. The staff are extremely friendly and the spacious fitting room area is a great way to see the clothes from all angles.
I have wanted a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans for a while, and saw the perfect pair in an Alexander Wang catalogue, however they were sold out in all New York stores and I sadly lost hope of finding them. Then, as I perused the metal racks of embroidered pants and quilted tops I came across the very pair of Alexander Wang jeans I have been yearning for. The fit was boxy yet stylish, however I craved to pair it with something a little more feminine. After speaking to one of the sales people, she told me to wait a few minutes in the fitting room and that she would comeback with a perfect top. What she brought back was the most exquisite soft leather jacket from The Row that I have ever seen. As I started putting it over my tee shirt she whispered into my ear, “Leave it Bare”, I thought I misheard her, but went along with it. As I stepped out of the fitting room and onto the long winded mirrors of the room I was shocked at how perfectly the leather jacket fit. The outfit was simple: baggy jeans, a delicate bralette and a buttery leather jacket that could have been mistaken for a shirt. It is a combination that I wouldn’t have necessarily paired myself, but as soon as I saw it I loved it. This very snapshot encompasses the energy of the store. The salespeople look at the clothing as art, and they try to pair it best with an unexpected piece that morphs the outfit into something extraordinary.
I know that Barvikha is a town that I will never forget, and partly because of this store I am sure to come back again. And, apparently I am not the only one who thinks this way. Russian billionaire Vladislav Doronin commissioned the late Zaza Hadid to build a mansion in the form of a rocket ship in the center of Barvikha in 2006. Right before her passing in April, Hadid was able to finish one of the most monumental mansions of her life. This house stands as an ode to the great architect, and also as a promise of modernity to an otherwise unknown town.

Always be open to exploring the road not commonly taken and never be afraid to walk into something new. Whether that is, a new store, a new gallery, or a new path in life!


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