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15 Aug

The Vitality of Mental Health and why am I joining the campaign together with 2.5 million people?

Dear Readers,

I am so excited to announce you, that today is the start day of the global virtual wellness campaign! This awaited event – Project Happiness Virtual Race for Wellness has officially opened and you can become a part of the great mission and make a real contribution here and now to the overall wellness and happiness. Please register at Join the Project Happiness Virtual Race for Wellness! Feel Good Do Good Challenge!

I am joining this wonderful campaign because I believe that it has a great goal of making humankind healthier and happier! Moreover, in the future, the seeds will grow and blossom in overall wellness and prosperity of each human being on the Earth. I dream that one day people will be healthy both physically and mentally, and the era of peace and happiness will stay forever on our Terra. By joining today I am making a small and real drop to the ocean of change!

From my point of view physical and mental state are deeply correlated and are vital for the balance in life. In books, mental health is considered the psychical ability of the human being to be adequate and successfully adapt to the quickly changing environment. It usually includes individual formation and conformity of subjective images of objective reality, adequacy in the perception of yourself/oneself, ability to concentrate attention/focus on an object, capacity to retain information in the memory, the capability of critical thinking and analysis, etc.

The opposite of mental health is the mental disorders and/or mental illness. In addition, mental health is a stable and adequate functioning of the human psyche, which basic mental functions like – thinking, memorizing, analyzing and others. These basic set of qualities and functional abilities help an individual to adapt to the environment. So, the person who significantly deviates from the standards of his community risks to be recognized as mentally ill. At the same time, ideas about mental illness are diverse in various cultures and time frames. For example, Indians tribes, unlike most other Americans, consider hallucinations to be normal. Another example is a change in attitude towards homosexuality, which was once considered a crime, then as a mental illness, and now as a variant of sexual adaptation. However, a child deviating from the standards or the majority of individual development is considered not completely mentally healthy. The reasons for that may vary from being born that way to become overstressed and burned out from work and life. I believe that the core reason is the balance failure of mental, physical and psychological states. Most individuals lack understanding, accepting and not able to adapt to the environment. Mental disorders are a hidden protest and unwillingness to live in the society resulting in loneliness and further health issues.

Nevertheless, mental and psychological health are different things. Due to the nature of the psychological health that includes spiritual and also personal health. Psychological health is a state when mental health is combined with a personal one. Every day when a person wakes up and he/she feels good and at the same time he/she is in a state of personal growth and readiness for the further development – that is considered is a sign of a normal mental health.

Moreover, I believe that the formula for happiness is based on “TRIADA” concept of physical, mental and psychological balance. Those three things are the basis of the concept of happiness and balance and it is important to take care of all three equally. My suggestions to you are simple – be disciplined, go to sleep early and get enough sleep, do exercises daily at least walking, drink lots of water, eat healthy, take the world and other people as they are, do not expect too much from them, the only person who you are able to control – is yourself, be example for others fight with bad habits and contribute to the healthier environment.

So, let’s start being in charge of our lives and make the choice now – to care and help each other by promoting forgiveness, peace, love, and happiness. Join the Wellness Project Happiness Virtual Race for Wellness today and do exercises with us daily! Together we will convert our new healthy energy to the creation and transformation of a new world!

Everyone knows someone suffering from anxiety or depression. Make Mental Fitness a priority today by joining our race to bring wellness programs to schools and communities worldwide. Join the movement!

Thanks for reading me