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28 Nov

High waist jeans: how to choose and what to wear it with?

High waist jeans: how to choose and what to wear it with?

Dear Reader,

There is a saying – there’s never a new fashion but it’s old. It is a known fact, that fashion designers often return to the past and present an “old dish with a new sauce”. The example of it is a modern trend “jeans with high waist” or so-called “high rise”. Therefore, questions about how to choose the right model and with what to wear such a style are still relevant. This form is suitable for both slim types and middle-sized ladies. In addition, high waist jeans help to hide the imperfections of the figure.

So, the question is how to choose a good pair of jeans? In fact, the selection is a serious process. I would suggest you, before going to the store think about it, write, visualize until you will get the understanding of what features should your future high waists model have.

When choosing denim trousers with high-rise take into consideration the following parameters: Pants width, like any traditional jeans, high-waist models can be narrow, wide and/or flared. If any of those do not suit you than high-waist jeans of the same kind should not be your choice. Tight slim pants adorn the owners of slender legs and those with “pear” and “apple” figure types will look stunning in the spacious models.

Figure type: The owners of the “sandglass” figure do not need to worry too much when choosing a suitable model. However, those of you with the type of “apple” and/or “pear” should be more attentive. For the ladies with a problem area around the waist – narrow slim fitting with a high-rise is prohibited. Those with pronounced hips also should turn their gaze in the direction of straight cut trousers or flared trousers. For the representatives of the “inverted triangle,” figure high-rise jeans will be suitable. Moreover, the proper selection of the top outfit together with the oversized trousers belt will emphasize the slimness of the waist and legs.

Material thickness: Items from dense denim can visually eliminate small flaws of the figure and make the look of the waist thinner. Contrary slim summer jeans are unlikely to cope with this task. They are more for skinny figures. However, stretch models greatly highlight sporty and toned figures, especially in the autumn/winter season.

Colors: As with traditional jeans, bright and bold decisions are more suitable for modern fashionistas with a slim figure. But sometimes an unusual fabric pattern is able to divert attention from a bit plump hips. Today’s trend is monochrome and bright floral prints, geometric shapes.

Presence of accessories: Embroidery, additional buttons, buckles, patch pockets and other decorative elements hide the figure’s flaws and highlight the advantages. Therefore, selecting the desired model, focus on the reflection in the mirror. Traditionally massive and voluminous patch back pockets of the trousers are not suitable for L+.

So, when choosing high-rise jeans in the store, take a few styles to the fitting room with different widths of pants and several colors. Compare 2-3 options and choose the most comfortable item that emphasizes the advantages of YOUR figure. I would suggest taking into account the existing clothes in the wardrobe since knowing in advance what you will wear jeans with will ease your decision making process.

What to wear it with?

High-waist jeans look really stylish and the “bottom” is already interesting and bright, so the rest of the clothing like shoes and accessories should make it even more spectacular and attractive, and in no way “switch” the focus. Each model of jeans in its own way is original and requires compliance with the other elements of the attire.

The combination of style will depend on what style of clothes you wear. High-rise pants are in perfect harmony with the following styles: office, romantic and/or sports. For work and everyday wear, it is better to choose classic jeans of direct cut and combine them with a shirt, or a blouse made of thin fabric. Filling the shirt in the inside of the pants will create emphasize on the waist. Walking around the city will surely give you a good mood if you wear flared jeans or slim jeans, combined with a shirt or a t-shirt with a trendy print. Now, on a cool winter days, a sweater with a long back and a cropped front in a pair with tight high-rise jeans together will certainly bring several enthusiastic looks.

Men’s shirts, cardigans and sweatshirts can also be well combined with this style. A cropped jacket or jacket is able to emphasize the waist and the slim legs. Belt and other accessories will harmoniously complete the image. With high-rise trousers, both narrow belts and wide ones can be worn. Moreover, the elegant strap will further accentuate on the slim waist. The cropped top, fashionable for the past few seasons, is just made for high-rise trousers. A variety of models will help to find your image and call attention to the fit body.

To sum up, when choosing the look with high-rise pants try to keep the focus on the bottom part. Slim fit will look harmonious with a blouse or a free-cut T-shirt (see the photo of mine). However, it will also look great with monophonic tops. I highly suggest to experiment! Be inspired and be free with the high-rise jeans!

Thanks for reading me