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28 Jun

I woke up like that…

I woke up like that...

Simply amazing to have a breeze on a roof top in the morning … Overall busy season in New York before the travel was great. But now its a time to pack and fly.

We all know that last-minute holiday panic that consists of ten bikinis, six pairs of shoes and a drawer full of make-up versus one, modest-sized suitcase. But while many of us would love to breezily skip through customs with nothing more than fake tan weighing us down, travelling light is harder than it looks.

The most important tip is Pack shoes at the bottom of your suitcase. Remember to pack into the corners of your bag – lots of space can be wasted by not filling a bag correctly.

One rule to ensure everything fits is when you have your selection laid out on your bed, just cut it in half. Drastic, but it forces you to focus and just remember all the items you have taken on holiday before and never worn. You feel different on holiday and being comfortable and feeling special are what’s important; concentrate on items that help you do this.

Dress for success… Dresses are very hard-working and also scream “holiday glamour” – a good choice for slimming down that suitcase. In the day, wear with flats,and at night always the heels and do not forget the lipstick.

Making calls to all my friends to see their program for vacation and trying to match our schedules to spend a quality time together .
Cant travel light, as I am going away for all summer so a lot to do from my list) My first destination is London.