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16 Jul

Gucci Cruise 2020 Fashion Show in Capitoline Museums in Rome

Gucci Cruise 2020 Fashion Show in Capitoline Museums in Rome

Dear Reader,

Rome, the place of the headquarters of the Gucci company, has become a host of the Cruise 2020 Fashion Show at the end of May. “A HYMN FOR FREEDOM” that was organized and inspired by Alessandro Michele, the Creative Director of the Brand was organized in the Capitoline Museums. Here ancient sculptures are kept, including the original statue of the Wolf, which according to the legend brought up the founders of the city Romulus and Rem. The heart of renaissance as the background projected the history in togetherness with the reality of the XXI st century. The historical codes of Rome that Michele placed in the collection with the ideas of gender equality and self-determination made a strong impact on me. Like ideas as senators’ togas, the motifs of ancient myths, nun’s and Catholic ministers dress served as the slogan of the women’s rights from the 70s and the legalization of the abortions in Italy. The rest as exquisite costumes of the post-war years and images of hippies were presented in a surreal frame that I would say is typical of Gucci.

Gucci creative director always has something to surprise his colleagues and competitors and the highlight of the fashion show 2020 was a dress with embroidery in the form of the female reproductive system. It is another way Michele represented the topic of gender equality. For that reason, Alessandro Michele supports Chime for Change, which in 2013 was established by Gucci. With its help, the brand organizes educational programs for women and finances projects around the world. T-shirts with the Chime for Change logo also appeared in the new collection.

Fashion House showed blurry, as if from dreams – silhouettes, bright colors, layering and shine on the catwalk for many seasons in a row. I would not say that there have been many innovative ideas in the cruise collection of 2020. I believe, it is due to the commercialized clothing that is suitable for any holidays. Such as wide blouses, floor-length dresses and tweed suits are a great choice for holidays, especially the Roman ones.

What I really loved is the accessories. Nevertheless, bags-rhombuses due to its colors and shapes reminded me of the “Mondrian” dresses by Yves Saint Laurent. In addition, wide-brimmed hats and cat-glasses were borrowed from the Rome divas of the mid-60s, and the checked items were imitated from the intelligentsia of the 70s.

In general, the leitmotif of the show was the history of ancient Rome. The basis and accessories of many costumes were men’s togas and capes. In the female version, they were replaced with light silk dresses and voluminous hats. I truly enjoyed the Gucci Cruise 2020 Fashion Show along with the guest stars like Elton John, Naomi Campbell, Salma Hayek, Zoe Saldana and Harry Stiles.


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