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11 Oct

Fashion shows – the progress of style or just an art performance?

Dear Readers,

The Haute Couture Shows and designers presentations have recently finalized the new fashion trends and waves of the upcoming Spring 2019. However, you might have questioned yourself what this Fashion Shows for and why are they so important and most of the times strange?

For instance, last season new Gucci collection has been demonstrated by models, which carried an identical copy of their own heads in their hands. Moreover, this year, the most remarkable was a show where models demonstrated the clothes with 3 breasts and it was a part of Milan Fashion Week. London and Paris fashion shows weeks were also odd starting from the places of presentations and ending by unusual appearance of models and their attire.

Due to the competitive environment among designers, everyone is trying to be original and creative and sometimes overdoing it. For example, Calvin Klein show this season looked like he gathered all the items from his collections at once and distributed the clothes among the models. This “cabbage” look was also recommended as the office wear. So it is, in fact, a very good logical question – why do designers show on the catwalk ridiculous and/or insane collections that no one will ever wear? As well as those events seem to be organized for a “chosen” people nowadays. It was impossible for me to get any tickets for the Paris Fashion Week, although we contacted the official representatives and no one even replied with courtesy.
So the first thing that should be understood is simply why do we need the fashion shows? Well, it is important to read between the lines and realize that any show is not just a demonstration of clothes from the new collection. The message that fashion-designers want to convey to the viewers is a certain idea. They can choose any topic from the past, present and/or the future. For instance, they can show the contradiction between femininity visions of the 50s in comparison to the punk image. By thinking out-of-the-box designers convey the thoughts through art and implement it in their performances. I believe it is a holistic approach that makes the show an art. Like detailed scenario describing the music under which the models walk, the place itself and overall stylization and decoration. We can measure the achievement of the goal by the degree the designer managers to transfer the viewer to another world/reality and emotionally affect him/her.

Moreover, it is a known fact that in order to sell at a higher price, there should be a story, the image, and emotions behind that item. So that is why some shows do in fact look really weird. Epatage as a new trend – is the main driver of the original fashion designers. Newcomers are bold and brave and are not afraid to experiment with new technologies and/or ideas. For example, Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen, Demna Gvasalia, Raf Simons and many other designers and brands continue to create something special and new. Innovative things always look strange and therefore, for most people, such designs look too radical.

However, if we go back to the history, my favorite Coco Chanel (which today perceived by the majority as a classic representative of fashion), was originally also considered a scandalous fashion designer. She offered to wear fashionable clothes made from jersey. However, at that time jersey fabric was mainly worn by the poor. So, when a designer on the catwalk shows his/her idea outrageously – the new fashion trend is usually born.

For example, Andre Kurezh in the 60s showed a space collection on the podium (which was completely new and strange at that time). As a result, this trend became fashionable instantly. However, nowadays almost always after the show on the catwalks; the trend begins to reproduce in a more wearable version so-called – the mass-market of the brand (prêt-a-porter). For example, a model wrapped in the white fluff from head to toe in the usual mass market shop will be represented as a white top with a small trim in the form of white feathers along the edge.

In conclusion, I will say that the collection is a work of art and the clothing is the way to materialize it. Earlier, drawings and later paintings were simply a way of conveying information, and only, later on, became the subject of admiration. These pieces of art produced by designers are usually bought by museums and/or art connoisseurs for a great amount of money! However, the majority of the designed models have democratic lines that are more wearable and better understood by the ordinary people thanks to whom money is made for creativity. Be happy, be original, be art!

Thanks for reading me

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