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23 Sep

Fashion for Kids: How to create base wardrobe for a child?

Dear Readers,

I have been writing a lot about haute couture lately due to the extreme intensity of the organized events around the world at this time. However, being a mother of two wonderful children I also realize that it is important to form the sense of style and test for them as well. The earlier the seeds are planted the easier it will be for them to learn how to express their personality and create their own style. I consider myself to be lucky to be one of the few, who were taught from the early age how to select, match and maintain the cloth. My mother taught me the ‘science’ and the ‘art’ of understanding what is particularly good for me and how to use the cloth to complement my personality and to show the respect for the others.

The dress is the vital element that one judges you for when seen for the first time. So it is very important to select a base wardrobe for the children as well since mostly by their appearance we are judged. Taking time for the preparation of the core and main types of cloth will ease and fasten your mornings and protect from external negative vibes). It is impressive that a profession of a child stylist is increasing in demand nowadays.

Therefore, today I would like to talk about the main mistakes that we, as mothers, are doing when selecting the cloth for the loved ones. The first thing that you should understand that the ‘golden rule: girls should wear only pink and the boys should be dressed in blue’ – does not work anymore. The girls look very cute in a blue T-shirts and/or in a khaki-colored sweatshirt too. In addition, a boy will not lose strength and courage in the pink polo. These limitations are old-fashioned. By the way, in children’s shops in the boy’s department, you can find and buy a lot of cool things for girls. I would also suggest not being afraid of the complex colors in clothes. It is just the matter of matching it together.

Keep in mind that too many colors and/or patterns on children do not look good at all. Yesterday, I saw a little girl who looked literally like a traffic light. She had pantyhose with hearts on her legs, a dress with butterflies, a hat with a hare, and a blouse with bears. One thing may have looked nice, but together they have created chaos. Therefore I strongly recommend using no more than two prints in one set. Furthermore, it is highly recommended to avoid cloth with shine stones for children. I would also not advise buying it both for safety reasons and in terms of good taste).

Second common belief is that baby things have to be bright and even with pictures of favorite cartoon heroes and/or patterns. Wardrobe for a child of 2 years old should be formed based on the same stylistic rules as for the grown-ups. Therefore, children just like adults need basic things as a core of their wardrobe in monotonic, plain and calm colors without any prints. For example, basic clothes are simple jeans without embroideries, plain socks, T-shirts of pastel or monochrome colors, basic sneakers of calm colors (white, gray, black, blue), one-color leggings for girls, single-color trousers for boys, plain cardigan and couple of shirts. However, do not forget to buy extra unique and bright things. For instance, the clothes with an unusual cut and/or an interesting fabric, technique and/or a print. So the secret is in the mix of these bright fashionable things with basic ones.

Furthermore, fashion trends are not just for the adults. The fashion world offers many interesting solutions for the children’s wardrobe as well. I would like to draw your attention to the increasing stylish tendency in the children’s fashion today-woven things in retro style. Moreover, it is vital to keep a balance and do not turn children into small adults. Many parents just love to dress up their kids as adults for any public – kindergarten/school and other events. Boys are usually dressed in the office suits and girls are in the evening and/or princess/wedding dresses with gloves. Today, this looks inappropriate and can be considered as a bad taste.

Another important thing is to dress the child in the cloth that fits his/her size. I would really avoid buying things for the future and actually making them wear cloth that is not of their size now. First of all, it looks ridiculous and nearly always is the cause of the discomfort for the small version of you. As well as by the time the child will grow to this size the cloth will look already worn out.

An economical approach of buying cheap clothes for the children is also not a good option since most of the times the poor-quality fabric is used. It is important for the children’s skin and health overall that the cloth is made from natural fabrics and materials. Avoid purchase of shiny low-priced fabrics. It is definitely a better investment to buy expensive and well-known brand things that will last longer than the first wash.

To sum up I will just add that always keep in mind that the earlier we learn things the easier it is for us to grow and develop. Love your children and treat just as yourself, help them to look unique and stylish. Be fashion, be happy, be family!

Thanks for reading me

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