Paris Fashion Week du Jour

Paris fashion week is one of the most exciting and busiest times of the year! It’s a lot of fun as you meet so many interesting and talented people, run into old friends and make new ones. But of course, it’s all about fashion. Everyone is dressed to impress. Fashion month is so quickly approaching, you hardly have time to pick out what to wear. Preparations start ahead of time, planning the look that is both covetable and stands out. Lots of running around, fittings and shopping, of course! Numerous runway shows and invitations, countless after parties to see and be seen. There’s so much to do and take in! No time for sleep in between the fashion and after shows. Forget about being jet-lagged, we’ll sleep when it’s all over. The schedule is hectic, starting 10 am sharp we need to be in shape and keep going, trying to capture everything we possibly can throughout the day. All of the restaurants are usually full but everyone is happy and having a good time, you can just feel the amazing vibe in the air. It’s a frenzy but a lot of fun, with all the excitement you barely feel any tiredness surrounded by all the beauty, and that’s the best part. And the city itself adds to the fabulousness of it all, with all the breathtaking views and gorgeous crowd it’s always inspiring.  







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