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15 Mar

Dolce Vita – Paris

Dolce Vita - Paris


Now let’s be honest, girls will be girls so shopping stays a number one priority on the list. You can imagine the stores are overcrowded with people and there’s usually a long wait before you can actually get in. But be certain, it’s all worth it. After all, frenchboutiques are one of the best in the world! A dedicated fashionista like myself always makes sure to select the best outfit options 😉 It is very important to make a memorable impression when you make an appearance everywhere you go, especially on the street. Surrounded by a swarm of photographers, capturing the best style of famous fashionistas and noted editors of the industry. When you make the best dressed list, it almost feels like winning a lottery! It’s funny to see how paparazzi follow the stars in Paris. It is the same in New York, except they do it more discreetly there.