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25 Jun

What to do in summer?

Happy Sunday, Dear Readers!

Incredible freshness combined with hotness is the summer time! Delicious smells of blooming flowersand trees, long days, short nights and bright suncontribute to the state of awareness. I see happy peoplein the park doing yoga, eating ice-cream, jogging and/or just relaxing with their families, children and friends. These interactions create the feeling of togetherness, unity and confidence which are of a high value to us. In order to make leisure time more memorable there are several activities that I would highly recommend you to realize during the summer time. The accomplishment will make your lifemeaningful and hopefully it will become anunforgettable summer of 2018 for you and your loved ones.

So the first thing is of course the traditional barbecue day – preparation of the food over open fire.Take the plan of the area that you live in and depending on your preferences find a park nearby or a faraway gateway for the beautiful day out. If you are new in the city, create an event on the social media groups and invite people to come and share the time and food with you. Make sure to plan and organize all the things and products you need before with the consideration of everyone’s eating habits. As well as to take soccer, basketball balls, badminton racquets and other gamesto play while food is preparing. Otherwise just go to any park and read your favorite book in the shade of the trees and feel yourself.

If you favor active relaxation go hiking or even camping. Interaction with the nature is a wonderfulexperience. Just make sure that you are prepared for that and have all the necessary equipment with you.Also try not to overestimate or underestimate andchoose the appropriate trail/route depending on your physical conditions and overall stamina. The aim is to enjoy what you are doing and not to stress yourself.

Go to museums, art galleries, open air concerts, events and celebrations. Especially in now there are a lot of exhibitions and many museums are free on particular dates, just check on the official website of the museum depending on your interest. Enjoy sharing time and good vibes with other people.

Play sports – learn tennis, badminton, basketball, soccer or just join the free yoga classes in the park. Summer is the time for outdoor activities and do not forget about the sunscreen, protect your body from the direct sun. As well as remember that it is recommended not to be on the sun between 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM when the phase is very active. So choose the time for sport wisely.

Write the checklist of what you always dreamed to do and do it. For example learn to swim, scuba diving, water surfing, sky diving, parachuting or just rent a boat and voyage for a week with your couple, kids,friends or alone. It is a summer time so get the maximum out of it.

Travel to explore, discover, seize the moment andenjoy the beauty of the Earth! Your destination can benext village, town, city, state, country and/or the islandyou always dreamed to visit. At this moment you can still buy a ticket and visit Russia, which is holding the World Cup Championship in soccer! The great mood change and reset of the reality will be granted with the trip.

I love summer for me it is time for excitement and activity. I travel with the kids, do the outdoor activities, organize social events, stay open to the upcoming opportunities, and enjoy the moment. I wish you all to make this summer special for yourself! Destiny is in our own hands, take a break from work and just make the best out of it!

Thanks for reading me