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12 Aug

Basic wardrobe for Summer (Part II)

Dear Readers,

Summer is still in its pick and I believe that building a good base for your summer wardrobe is vital. There are 10 basic types of cloth you just need to have that will make your summer unforgettable! They are – blue jeans and denim shorts, light classical trousers, a white cotton T-shirt, blazer, cardigan, bright skirt, a couple of colorful and cool T-shirts and blouses, flat sandals and 2-3 different kind of handbags. These items in your closet will definitely ease your life and you will always look and feel good.

Moreover, I will provide you with the short and essential information for the creation of your customized base for summer and early autumn! First of all, you need to decide on what color range your base will be executed. The choice depends on your preferences and your lifestyle. However, traditionally the basic summer colors for the summer wardrobe are white, blue, beige, light gray and pink as well as any pastel also can be added to this range.

Summer without blue jeans and denim shorts is impossible to imagine! When choosing the style of the items, please keep in mind that it should be based on your individual physical parameters and taste and shape. This year ragged jeans, girlfriend type and universal “skinnies” reaching up to the ankle are in trend. As well as jeans with inflated waist combined with short wide t-shirt and crop-tops are at the peak of the fashion. As to the jean shorts, they are the loved basis of my wardrobe. For more functionality, you can have two pairs – one more authentic, more classic, blue, and others short, torn, blue.

One of the indispensable cloths in the base wardrobe for the summer is the white cotton T-shirt! You can wear it to work under a jacket or vest, on the beach with shorts, with jeans, skirts, trousers – literally everywhere and with everything. I would recommend having two types: one long and wide, the other fitted to the figure accordingly. It is important to choose the right white T-shirt that fits perfectly with your figure and adds value to your appearance. In addition, the charming combination of white and tanned skin will make you look stunning this summer.

Next basic summer item and a solid and formal alternative to jeans can be straight light pants. They are suitable for work if you combine them with blazers and blouses, and for relaxation – in combination with T-shirts, tops, and cardigans. Nevertheless, such pants are also a great fit for the frivolous young ladies, because today’s trends allow you to wear them in more relaxed images – with sneakers, sweet shots, shirts in a cage, etc.

The most important element of the basic summer wardrobe is indeed – blazer. Once entered to the top of fashion it remained there and even managed to become one of the base things on which the entire wardrobe is built. Moreover, a blazer can be of any color! I recommend a win-win option – white and/or beige blazer. In order to diversify and transform a boring image into something vivacious colorful blazers – blue, pink, mint, indigo should be preferred.

Another thing, which will definitely be in use over your shoulders on top of anything during cool summer evenings, is a cardigan. Therefore it should be as neutral as possible. Ideally, I would suggest, light gray that is suitable for everything and not as bright and catchy as white. You can play with the shape and length: fully elongated cardigans, lengthen only in front, and/or cardigans with flowing floors – the main rule is no fasteners!

Skirt: it can be of any style, choose based on what you like and is the best fit for your figure and personality. However, it should be of a loose style, no pencils, and cases – the best to leave them for office in the fall. I would recommend as an excellent option – a light skirt in form of a bell or a sun with the length just above the knee. This is an essential item in your summer wardrobe will add a touch of femininity to it.

In summer, it is absolutely necessary to have a large selection of one color T-shirts, shirts, and blouses. I would suggest pleasant colors that ideally match your skin and texture type. That will fit into almost any image. Approximate ratio: 2 T-shirts, 1 shirt, and 2-3 blouses. These basic things of the summer wardrobe will minimize the likelihood of the problem “I have nothing to wear.”

As to the shoes – sandals on a flat sole are the basic summer wardrobe item. This kind of shoes is suitable for a beach with jean shorts, for light dresses, and for classic trousers. I would recommend, choosing models of black, white, beige or silver colors. Moreover, pay special attention to metallic colors – it looks fresh and stylish.

The last, but not least essence of any summer look is a handbag. The main thing about which should be style and functionality. As to colors, I personally prefer 1 classic color bags. However, bags with inserts of different colors will look profitable. For example, white, blue, silver, red. I would suggest choosing something vivid and at the same time universal.

I hope bits of my advice and various suggestions will help you to create an individual and outstanding look while having the best time of your life! Be stylish, be happy, be summer!

Thanks for reading me