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Hands are our second face. Therefore we need to pay attention to our manicure as much as we do to our hairstyle and outfit. Nails are a very special part of our beauty. Even when we are not wearing make up, even when our hair is not the best – the  manicure is the statement of elegance. The nail technology today can do amazing things that we cannot do ourselves.
We all deserve to be appreciated, respected and admired. When woman improve their appearance everything can change around her!
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Fragrance, how to choose the right one for you

7J5A5351Finding the right fragrance for yourself which will suit you and your personality is imperative. I have met a handful of people in my life whose scent has remained the same for such a long time that it has become a part of their essence. Also I associate people by their smells . My mom, boyfriends, teachers and friends. Our goal is always to find the one that is right for us, but there are too many signature perfumes on the market and something new always comes out. I love perfumes, but lately I started to use the same one most of the time, before I was choosing the smell by my mood, the time of the day, the activities I was doing and by the weather (humid, hot, cold temperature) the conditions strengthen the scent…

I also realize that everyone has their own unique scent. So when you use exactly the  same perfume your friend does, the fragrance on you becomes different from the fragrance on your friend . Buying a perfume someone else uses is the worst! We need a smell that suits us as an individual.

A fact that everyone should consider is to never choose a scent that is too strong.  This is not appealing.

After so many years of chasing smells and buying different type of fragrances, I want to share my opinion with you. I have also given this advice to my friends and loved ones.

I am so happy to share my selection with you :

MY favorite one is by Lacome Mile et UNE ROSES its very hard to find as they don’t sell it everywhere but in paris they do (night or winter) based on rose and amber

Climat by Lacome is the smell which reminds me of my mom when I was small .Top notes are violet, peach, jasmine, lily-of -the valley, bergamot, rose and narcissus. During the winter this smell is truly amazing

Peut-Etre by Lancome is the description from the love story ….. the moment is electric. Something important is going to happen… peut-etre… translation perhaps . Smell of rose, lily and linden blossom .

Ciel by Amouage which is an exclusive smell and is perfect for the winter as for summer its a bit strong

Winter number one for me is by Serge Lutens Fumerie Turque it’s a very strong smell but in the cold weather the smell turns and activates to a exclusive sense

Peace by Bond no 9 is a fantastic smell for every day and especially summer, how we say in french “Ca pass-partout” as well as Central Park , full of flowers most of roses.

Very exclusive Bouquet Ideal Casamorati Xerjoff Vintage.  I always buy it at the exclusive perfume shop in NICE, France.

Clive Christian X perfect during the day and C is for a night time or winter.

Apple Brandy by Kilian was made only for New York and Moscow the name says it itself the best choice for party. This is classic.

Life Threads Ruby by La Prairie is ideal for any occasion.

The MOST EXCLUSIVE one I got was at Harrods, at the top floor for the exclusive perfumes, they were selling it in a large bottle no name as the price was very high.  They were letting customers name the fragrance of your own choice, and would write it in the book. I named it after my daughter Katarina so it will always remain THE SMELL for me. If I want to describe it, it’s a mixture of roses, amber and jasmine. The art of applying this perfume is by very small amounts so that it’s not to strong to smell.

BYREDO perfumes is a woody spicy fragrance which we can use for woman and men Bullion, the one I just love from BYREDO Blanche (White), which is perfect for the summer and with a note of White Rose, Pink Pepper and Aldehyde.

I always apply perfume on my skin before I dress, to warm it with my skin and transmit the smell of the fragrance on me.





My Travel Beauty Routine



Time to travel… I am heading to Europe and the change of climate, water and food are all going to stress my skin.
I have spent extreme amounts of money trying new products and finally I have found the right ones . As women we always want to try something new; like we say in french ” tout nouveau tout beau!” I want to share with you the products I always have with me for my travel beauty routine.
I want to mention that I start every morning with my vitamins and a green juice. I think its super important to detox our bodies from the inside.
Vitamin E gives a boost to the skin. PURE MSM is a new vitamin which I recently discovered. The primary purpose of this supplement is to reduce the risk for chronic degenerative diseases. Also, it benefits your bone and joint care, detoxification effects, skin and hair care and a natural energy booster. It’s a super supplement for me . Biotin is a must for hair and fish oil for our skin. All these vitamins are important for us as we always have lack of sleep (at least I do;)
Let me share with you my travel tips.  As we all know the number one rule for beautiful skin is cleaning.  Environ ( is a pre cleaning oil.  This is the best discovery I made this year. Follow it with a cleansing soap Medik8  ( I end my process with spritzing my face with Sisley Botanical Floral water  This product really hydrates the skin. It’s extremely refreshing and moisturizes your skin and its great to use when traveling as the water tends to change. Skin Caviar Luxe Sleep Mask ( with advanced nutrients gives the skin a boost . It melts into the skin; repairing and replenishing the face while you sleep.
The energizing mask by LaPrairie ( is the ultimate reviver. This is so easy to fit into you’re morning routine. You can use the mask while you have your breakfast. Lipstick La Prairie luxe lip enhancer always keeps my lips nourished, shiny and smooth (
Origins ( and Clinique ( are the best products to keep pores clean.
Environ c-boost clarifying cream ( helps improve the appearance of uneven skin tone.  Medik8 anti-aging serum ( should follow and then apply a daily moisturizer. I love to mix creams. Some days we need something lighter and some days we intensive hydration. I would never mix product brands for the skin but now I realize this is the best way to maintain your skin. Fresh is the product I prefer for the moment. I love the Lotus Yourth Preserve.
The lift and sculpt Butterfly Stone has many healing and anti-aging benefits; this is the best way to wake your skin up in the morning and look fresh (
B-Active and Sebugel-A contains vitamin A and colostrum to smooth the skin. I love it especially when I have some imperfections on my skin .
Eyes are the attraction of every woman….) Clarins gel always helps me minimize the look of puffiness and dark circles. Cellular Revitalizing Eye Gel by La Prairie is for the sensitive skin around your eyes. Lotus eye cream by Fresh has a calming cucumber extract and is great to use before applying make up.
The face and body exfoliant by Fresh is my favorite. It refines the skin’s texture and balances it. Fresh has different types so I always choose based on the condition of my skin.
Once I am back from my travels; I try to do a Hydra Facial with Regina Aybinder. This treatment is perfect for clogged pores and oily skin. Sciton Fractional Skin Resurfacing is a wound-healing process and generates new collagen, plumping the skin and correcting any skin imperfections. You can make an appointment for this treatment at EUROPEAN STYLE AESTHETIC on 897 Park Avenue, NYC.
In the mean time I maintain my skin with Epidermal Re-Texturing Micro-Dermabrasion by KIEHL’S.
I adore a great body cream and my favorite is LOTION CELLULAIRE ENERGISANTE  by La Prairie with vitamins and anti-oxidants that nourishes the skin. A final tip I want to mention is LIERAC body slim Destock night body-contouring. This is a magic cream with an enveloping texture that targets dimpled skin and stubborn cellulite !!!!)))) Every woman’s dream cream!!!!
There are so many choices of deodorants on the market; my number one for this month is Certain DRI and I guarantee you will feel fresh all day!
My recommendation for glowing skin is Dior auto bronzant.
I always have hand cream by La Prairie in my purse when I travel.  You always want to keep your hands looking and feeling young!
Have a safe trip everyone …xx