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1 Jul

7 essential tips to keep the skin of your hands young!

7 essential tips to keep the skin of your hands young!

Happy Sunday, Dear Readers,

Taking care after your body is an essential daily routine of any woman and man. Usually we take good care mainly after the face, neck and décolleté area. However it is essential not to forget about the hands. They are known to be the continuation of the heart and the main point of attraction and first impression. Usually one can easily judge your age and occupation by looking at the state of the hands.
For me treatment of my hands and nail are a daily and compulsory routine. As well as I regularly do manicure, professional and home spa treatments. Moreover there are some basic rules that I would like to talk about that will help to keep your hand skin looking fresh and young.
Firstly it is essential to regulate the temperature of the water once you interact with it. Make sure that it is warm and comfortable, since hot water dehydrates and cold causes the peeling of the skin. After washing your hands dry them properly before going outside. Since the rapid environment and temperature change can harm your hand skin and it can get red and/or dry.
Secondly make sure always to carry nourishing hand cream with you. I personally as you have seen from my posts like to try various innovations. I enjoy using Hand MD skincare the Daily Dual Repair. Every day in the morning and before going to sleep I use it. As well as I always have a hand cream in my bag and use it during the day, especially during the cold weather. I would recommend you to keep hand cream at home, in the bag, in the office – everywhere where you are spending a lot of the time and develop a habit of moisturizing your hands.
Thirdly, drink more water, eat healthy food and take vitamins A, C, E (please take consultation from your doctor). The vitamins act as antioxidants and prevent one of the main hand problems as the natural collagen destruction and pigment spots appearance. In summer use the sunscreen protection at least 30 SPF, as well as always have it with you and cream regularly while on the beach or outside on the sun.
In case you need to clean the house or wash the dishes always use the gloves to protect your skin from detergents and washing liquids. They contain spirits and acids that destroy and dry out the epidermis, which results in shabby skin and burrs. As well as cream/oil your hands and nails after this procedures. I often use coconut oil on my hands before going to sleep; it moisturizes my skin during the night and gives a healthy look next day.
Do not overuse the hand wash liquid, soap and/or wet wipes. It is enough of one drop to clean the hands. There is no need to rub the soap into the hands and it is important to properly wash it away. It is vital to keep acid-base balance; pH of healthy skin is between 4.5 and 5.5. Traditional soap is generally from 7-10, which is really too alkaline so make sure to use a reasonable amount.
During the cold weather always wear the gloves from natural materials. Since soft skin in cold gets red and might even crack. Synthetic fabric makes the skin sweat and results in dehydration. So when buying the gloves, make sure that your hand skin can breathe through the cloth.
The last, but not least and the most important is to make at least once a week hand spa treatment. You can do it in the salon or at home depending on your budget and/or circumstances. The process is of the same 3 stages as of treating the face: steaming, intensive cleansing and moisturizing. For example, in the bowl with warm water add 3 drops of rosemary and menthol and 1 spoon of olive oil. Put your hands inside and steam for 5-7 minutes. Peeling: mix 2 big spoons of sea salt with the drop of tea tree and 2 spoons of coconut (sunflower oil). Gently massage that mixture into your hands by starting from the wrist and moving to the finger endings. After that rinse hands with warm water. Mask: mix grated apple with 2 big spoons of olive oil, tea spoon of soft Vaseline and a drop of menthol or any other oil. Massage the mask into your hands and leave it for 10-15 minutes, rinse with warm water and cream hands to finish the procedure.
Treating your hands regularly will contribute to your health and overall look. Love yourself, take care of yourself and be young and healthy!

Thanks for reading me