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2 Aug

Ti Sana Detox And Spa in Italy

Mini retreat Ti Sana Detox Retreat during the summer is always a good idea )
Balance your bodying spirit, loose weight take a healthy cooking classes. Ti Sana Detox
A lifestyle choice!

Ti Sana’s Healtheatarian programme rises from the need to merge scientific research (science-based evidence medicine) with the holistic world of alternative medicine, which sees the whole human body as an interconnected system of health. The Healtheatarian nutritional program at Ti Sana is unique because it does not consider all human beings to be identical This is why Ti Sana does not prescribe the same standard food regimes, supplements, physical activities and treatments to each individual guest. Ti Sana’s programs allow guests to revitalize the body from the damage inflicted by our modern lifestyle and help to prevent the absorption and accumulation of toxins. Ti Sana offers programs in Lifestyle management to teach us how to improve our quality of life and slow down the ageing process. Thanks to sophisticated diagnostic systems, Ti Sana’s experts are able to recognize the effects that the wrong choices we make in our daily lives have on the body.

You can chose 4-7-10 nights package.

Its always easy to be an Healtheatarian, it means being aware of your body and mind, being able to feed them appropriately and provide everything they need to make the most of their physiological abilities.

It is a far-sighted and responsible choice that adds years to your life and life to your years.

Lets live healthy …)

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