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2 Apr

St Barth’s

It is said that heaven is a place that we can only hope to see after our lifetime on earth. But whoever said that clearly has never been to St. Barth’s. With its pristine beaches, incredible food, and copious amount of rosé, St. Barth’s is the definition of euphoric. Although the whole island is less than ten square miles, there is so much to do.

Located in the heart of St. Jean beach, Nikki Beach is arguably the most coveted spot on the entire island. With its plush white sofas and draping canopies the very decor exudes serenity. Yet, as soon as the clock strikes midday tanning Cinderellas loose their flip-flops and the party starts! The water turns to champagne and the tables become dance floors. World-class food, beauty and grandeur come together to form the true St. Barth’s experience.
*Also make sure to stop by Nikki Beach at night!

For a more laid back scene, well suited for grabbing a quick bite and chat with the locals, “La Creperie” is the place to be. My personal favorite is the “La Truffette” crepe, a mix of mozzarella, tomatoes, egg, and a light drizzle of white truffle oil. This crepe will surely cure any hangover or prepare you for a night out of partying.
Famous for their magnum champagne bottles and delicately filleted tartar, “La Plage” at the Tom Beach Hotel is the perfect place to spend your whole day without fear of boredom. With frequent live DJs, you are guaranteed to have a great time. Whether it’s dancing with your friends, or swimming in the Caribbean Sea with your little ones, La Plage will be fun for everyone regardless of age.

Of course, you must never forget shopping when in St. Barth’s. The boutique shopping strip in the small town of Gustavia will not disappoint. Brands such as Hermes and Cartier fill the majority of the strip, but lesser known galleries such as “Clic” by Christiane Celle, who put St. Barth’s on the fashion map with her Calypso brand back in the 90-s and boutiques like “Vanita Rosa” are also well worth your time. While shopping in St. Barth’s make sure not to forget to get Tahitian Pearl jewelry. These pearls are sold in majority of jewelry stores and my favorite style would have to be the single pearl choker necklace. They are a great gift to bring home to your girlfriends, and will surely be a layering piece in my closet for the rest of the season.
St. Barth’s remains my favorite escape because the only blue I want to see is that of the Caribbean Sea.

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